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3 ways interactive projectors benefit the classroom

16 May,2018

In a 2013 report published by the OECD, it is stated that technology plays a key, if not leading, role in the teaching and learning environment. Yet, there is a distinct gap in the amount of time children spend using technology at home versus at school

Interactive projectors are underutilised by schools, but can be of great benefit.


One such technology available - though underutilised - by schools is the interactive projector. But when budgets are already tight, these units can seem like a dramatic cost. So should you buy an interactive projector for the school classroom?

Here are three reasons we feel the answer is a resounding "yes!"

1. Interactive projectors promote child engagement

Kinaesthetic learning promotes better engagement in students. According to a 2008 paper from Bucknell University, kinaesthetic learning:

  1. Helps students understand complex topics.
  2. Engages students who would be otherwise uninterested.

Interactive projectors are great for building kinaesthetic lessons into your classroom. Models like the Epson EB-695Wi can transform flat walls or tables into interactive screens, with touch and pen functionality so students can annotate notes, play games and work together.

2. Interactive projectors encourage collaboration

It's worth investing in collaboration. It was shown by another Bucknell University study that students working together to solve problems can improve engagement and retention of classroom material. The study also suggests collaboration can reduce student attrition levels in more technical subjects by as much as 22 per cent.

One of the benefits of an interactive projector like the Epson EB-696Ui is that, with dual pens, two people can work on a single task at one time. Additionally, this unit and many more from Epson can project images streamed from a smart device, so students can collaborate without even leaving their desks.

3. Interactive projectors can help diversify lesson plans

A study published in Psychological Science, 2009, suggests that showing films in class - for example, historical movies - in conjunction with written texts can help student memory recall (so long as students are warned that the film will contain some contradictions to the texts, as films of course take some creative liberties versus textbooks).

And films aren't your only option for diversifying lessons. Web videos and games are two other avenues of visual media that could be displayed to your class to help engage them, and an interactive projector is a great way to get these in front of students. This is because interactive projectors don't just display the media, but also open the option for teachers and students to annotate the video as it plays, either by drawing on the board or through their smart device at their desks.

Our interactive projectors now come with SMART Notebook software:

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So as you can see, there are some key ways in which an interactive projector can benefit the classroom. If you're interested in learning more about investing in this technology for your school Browse our range online today, or find your nearest Genuine Epson supplier

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