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A tiny home office guide to setting up a tiny home office

12 Jul,2018

Just because you don't have space doesn't mean you don't have space. It'll take a little bit of careful thought (and a mastery of Tetris), but it's very possible to set up an office in a one-bedroom apartment or other tiny home.

Let's talk about shelves, computers, printers, and cupboards.

Save storage taking up floor space by building up, not out.

Idea 1. Think vertically

Save storage taking up floor space by building up, not out. Install a series of shelves above your desk to store essentials like your printer and paper, in/out trays, ring-binders, or whatever else you need close at hand. You can get shelves from your local hardware warehouse for around $20-$30.

If you aren't allowed to drill new holes in the wall, look at replacing your current desk with a taller variety. Ikea sells a nifty corner desk with in-built storage for about $270, which would fit snug to a small corner. You can also buy desks with tall storage, or most kit-set furniture retailers.


Idea 2. Buy appropriate equipment

A three-monitor PC with nearby copy printer, water cooler and sandwich press (because you've got to have a sandwich press) might be the dream, but its an impractical home office setup for a small space. Instead, look at buying smaller-statured equipment that will fit more neatly onto your shelving, or tuck away into drawers and cupboards when not in use.

For example, Epson's WorkForce WF-100 printer is only 61 millimetres tall, and weighs a feathery 1.6 kilograms - this will sit tidily on a shelf. For your work itself, a tablet and Bluetooth keyboard would be a great option, but we understand that isn't everybody's cup of tea. There are diminutive laptops on the market though, that still pack a wallop when it comes to battery power and performance. Consider the MacBook Air, HP Spectre, Dell XPS 13 or Microsoft Surface Laptop.

Idea 3. Use what you've got

A cupboard might not seem like a sensible place for an office, but let's use our imaginations for a moment. Think about installing shelves across the back wall of your spare cupboard, and a desk at the bottom. If the desk is too large, buy an appropriately sized shelf and install it at desk height - usually around 70-80 centimetres from the floor. It won't be perfect, but it means that when you're done working, all you need to do is shut the door - it won't interfere with your house's other furniture.

So what are you waiting for? A tiny space is no excuse not to invest in an amazing new home office. We can't help you buy a desk, but at Epson, we certainly have the right printer for you. Check out our range online today! Find your nearest Genuine Epson supplier For Australia | For New Zealand

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