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Get ready for school with an economical printer

14 Jan,2020

With students returning back to class to start 2020, there's never been a better time to look into hassle-free printing solutions.

A single high-quality printer can provide the exact specs a student needs to complete a project, learn a new subject or collaborate on assignments. This goes for primary school and university alike.

Avoid ad-hoc printing expenses and hair-pulling frustration with advanced, user-friendly printers from Epson.

Print assignments at home for more tactile learning

Some people learn more effectively by handling physical objects, including paper. Though more coursework and instruction has migrated to the cloud, assignments can still be printed at home for convenience, allowing for markup, notation and physical interaction.

Physical documents also provide literal paper trails without the potential for Wi-Fi troubles, corrupt files or cyberattacks. An economical printer recreates learning experiences for students more accustomed to tactile engagement, rather than digital-only interfacing.

Workshop homework and get hands-on help from parents or peers

For both individual and group projects, at-home printing allows for an environment of trial and error, collaboration and hands-on support.

Parents can review printed homework and offer their thoughts directly on the document. University students can use paper as scratchpads for early iterations of larger projects. This is all made possible by an easy-to-use printer.

Facilitate learning your way with an at-home printer.

Create custom projects for class

For amorphous or highly unique paper-based projects - in-class presentations with paper supplement, long-form essays for critique, etc. - a printer can help students achieve the specs they need. Rather than use on-demand printing services or other paid options at school, they can print documents that perfectly suit the larger aim of the project, including unique sizing, paper and collating requirements.

As the project changes, so too can its format. A printer allows students to work out the ideal needs and goals for their assignment - and its corresponding file format - to ensure they're meeting and exceeding teacher demands.

Personalise stationery, calendars and other paper supplies

Any stationery or paper-based supplies that help students be more efficient and effective are great use cases for an economical at-home printer. Notes, envelopes, letterheads, cards, writing pads, portfolios and other types of paper displays can work in tandem with their electronic equivalents, or be used to complement and reimagine work and study spaces.

Paper supplies can also be useful for in-class transcription or in environments where Internet connectivity is nonexistent or poor. Having a paper option on hand in the moment is a key lifeline for any student.

Print on your time and your terms

One of the more intangible benefits of printing your own documents and files is the freedom it provides. Freedom from store or campus hours of operation. Freedom from ad hoc digital or cash payments. Freedom from that late-night meltdown as an urgent project can't be completed due to outdated or deficient printing machinery.

An at-home printer grants you the ability to print when you need it and how you need it. That means different colour and formatting options, limitless hours of operation and the upside of not having to worry about whether you're only allowed a certain amount of printed pages per term.

Introducing the Epson EcoTank

Epson's top-of-the-line printing solutions include the Epson EcoTank, an innovative, low-cost printer that's incredibly durable and functional.

It's primary features include:

  • Up to two years of ink included: With a purchase of the EcoTank, the printer is already stocked with enough ink in the box to last two full years. That means important printing at critical moments - and no worries about ink running out or refills.
  • Cartridge-free printing: Rather than order cartridge after ink cartridge over the years, the EcoTank features an integrated high-capacity ink tank system. The tank can be refilled as needed beyond the initial two-year period using high-volume, low-cost ink bottles that don't drip.
  • Wireless connectivity: Integrate your printer with your other wireless-enabled devices, like laptops, smartphones and tablets. Using the Epson iPrint app, students can print from anywhere in the world by emailing files directly to the printer.

EcoTank's low cost-per-page ratio (less than half a cent per page) and its extraordinary printing versatility (black and white, colour, high-volume and photo printing) make it a premiere solution for everyday printing needs. Prepare for the back-to-school supply rush by setting yourself or your budding intellectual up for success in the new year.

For more information on Epson's diverse range of consumer-friendly printers, get in touch today.

To learn more about the EcoTank range or if you want to find the best ink cartridges for your printing needs. Browse our range online today, or find your nearest Genuine Epson supplier

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