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How projectors make learning at home fun for kids

11 Feb,2020

A portable home theatre projector from Epson is the perfect solution for all your home entertainment and education needs.

Its versatility makes it the ideal machine for anyone who has limited space but would love a big image within their home, including parents teaching their kids, people working from home or even movie lovers who want a more immersive cinema experience.

Kids, too, find home projectors to be an innovative evolution of their gaming and movie experience. Larger screens, crisper imagery and diverse connectivity with streaming platforms and speakers mean every kid has a ticket-worthy cinema right at home.

Overlaying this level of technology with children's natural desire to learn is as easy as plugging in the projector to a power source.

There are numerous reasons why a home projector simplifies and gamifies the learning experience for kids, which we'll discuss below:

Connect them to many types of devices

Epson's EF-100 series makes connectivity frictionless. The owner's guide also contains recommended devices for easy pairing, like the Amazon Fire Stick, Roku Streaming Stick and Google Chromecast.

These streaming devices can be projected directly onto a wall or ceiling of your home (or outdoors on the side of a garage or standalone screen). Any other devices compatible with HDMI can similarly be connected with your projector, like laptops or gaming devices.

So, if your kid already has a favourite TV show, movie or YouTube channel queued up, you can quickly project it in life size. This makes learning a more natural extension of their behaviour, instead of squinting at a small digital screen and pinching/zooming characters, illustrations or windows, your kids can interact with those same avatars, but on a larger interface.

Don't worry about wires and trip hazards

When you've got little ones running around, a childproofed home is a must-have. That goes for windows, heavy furniture and cutlery, sure. But it also goes for electronics and the cords that often accompany them.

Other than a plug connecting to an outlet, a projector doesn't contain any other external wiring. There are optional HDMI plugins, but those are kept out of the way in a back panel.

Parents don't have to worry about running additional cords from their various electronics to get a good signal or projection. Portable streaming sticks can be plugged into the back unit directly, with no wires or accessories needed, making the Epson projector a compact, easy-to-use device.

Use them when and where you want with extreme portability

Another great benefit to a home projector is that it can be as portable as you need it to be. In just minutes it can be set up and operational in your living room, a play room or your kids' room.

It can also be brought outdoors for parties and summer fun.

Projection can also occur on horizontal, vertical or diagonal surfaces and at any angle and height. You're not locked into a rigid, heavy entertainment centre with a generic television that can't be moved without throwing out your back or fundamentally altering the layout of your living room.

Pick up and take your projector with you, allowing your kids to learn in environments in which they're most comfortable.

Engage and entertain with enhanced visual quality

A laser light source in Epson products creates stunning visual quality and reliability. You don't have to struggle with over-pixelation or lack of sharpness as a result of a large projection: Your imagery retains its true resolution.

Epson's 3-chip LCD technology also means there's no tradeoff between certain colours and their interplay with each other throughout the spectrum. Single-chip technology can often cause colours to be rendered sequentially, causing unreliable, segmented projections of colour.

But 3-chip technology has dedicated chips to each primary colour so that details are always sharp, true to form and realistic.

Kids can interact with video tutorials and other educational video streams in a vibrant, colourful rendering, which can increase engagement and information retention. And a home projector isn't back lit like a TV, so you don't get the same blue-light effect from other digital devices and screens.

Project any game or quiz right from your tablet or smartphone.
Project any game or quiz right from your tablet or smartphone via HDMI.

Gamify your lessons

Depending on the age of your child, they may not be satisfied with paper worksheets, colouring books and flashcards. They likely want the best of tactile and digital worlds.

Appeal to their sense of fun and wonder by turning your lessons into a game with the aid of a projector. For example, interactive online videos can be be amplified, like life-sized multiplication tables or puzzles they can touch on a living room wall. This can keep them engaged, physically active and mentally tuned into the experience.

This way, they can learn in an adaptive environment catered to their knowledge level and their preferred medium, as opposed to being forced to sit still at a table or recite answers from memory.

Be interactive with your presentations

Part of gamification means making education a two-way activity. Learning doesn't have to be a lecture. Instead, make your projected presentations and games as interactive as possible.

Shows like Sesame Street and Blue's Clues historically take this route. Videos that allow for a call-and-response type interaction create a conversation between children and their lesson plans.

Take your children's favourite programmes and supersize them on the wall so that learning isn't a static, low-intensity activity. Encourage kids to get up and move about, and to talk with and touch their beloved characters. This experience is more likely to be retained and enjoyed versus other methods of teaching. 

As you make education multimedia, you can tap into parts of the brain that weren't previously active or being utilised. You're essentially also combining recess and classroom instruction into one activity.

The Epson way

Epson's home projectors are high-resolution, easy-setup products designed to simplify the lives of users.

Check out our extensive range of multifunctional projectors to find one that's right for you, your family or your business.

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