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Boxes full of old photos? Scan and upload them to the cloud for memory's sake

01 Feb,2021

Remember that family road trip you took as a kid - everyone piled into the car to visit your grandmother? And that year you received everything you wanted on your Christmas wish list?

Where are those memories now?

If you're like most people who grew up in the pre-internet era, those cherished events were likely captured in photographs and stowed away in old shoeboxes, dresser drawers or family albums.

This holiday season brings those moments back to life - for you and every future generation of your family - by digitising your photographs with the Epson FastFoto Wireless Photo Scanner.

Preserve what's priceless

Though your old prints and Kodak photos hold tremendous, sentimental value to your family, they fade, bend and discolour over time. And with each relocation, packing and unpacking from boxes and general handling by other family members, your photos can become damaged or visibly worn. In other words, they virtually disappear.

Don't let the cruel hands of time overtake your priceless, physical photos.

Grab all those boxes from the attic, from under the bed, from the closet and scan them into the present - and the future. The Epson FastFoto Scanner is effectively your very own personal memory scanner, allowing you to quickly and easily scan your prized photos, upload them to the cloud and organise them into search-friendly albums

With your memories migrated into a future-proofed storage ecosystem, you can share them electronically with friends and family or post them on social media for all to see. Who knows, maybe you'll connect with long-lost relatives or old classmates.

"Grab all those boxes from the attic, from under the bed, from the closet and scan them into the present - and the future."

How it works

Epson is known for its innovative and user-friendly printing and scanning solutions, and the FastFoto Scanner is recognised as the world's fastest personal photo scanner on the market.

Here's a quick rundown on how you can efficiently digitise those photos you hold dear:

Insert stacks of photos

Photo scanning has never been easier or more convenient. With the FastFoto Scanner, you can insert up to 36 photos at a time, of various shapes and sizes. Common document types include 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 photos, postcards, Polaroid photos and horizontal panoramas.

Scan in bulk

Once you've got everything into the scanner, you can easily scan everything at once - no need to worry about putting certain documents first or organising by size. The FastFoto Scanner allows you to mix and match documents to save time. Plus, it simultaneously scans both the front and back of each photo, so you don't have to flip over each document and re-scan.

Colour correct and name files

As your files are being imported and uploaded, you get the option to restore photo color in their new digital versions. You don't need prior photo editing experience or software know-how. At this stage, you can name files as you see fit, or the system will auto-name files for you based on the context of the photo.

Organise folders on your computer

To create albums you can find in the future, you can drag and drop folders where you need them on your computer, laptop, smartphone or other connected device. You can also tag your photos and albums with dates and subjects to more easily search and filter for them as needed. Each of your photos can be saved as TIFF or JPEG formats, which make them fully functional with the latest photo management applications like Google Photos, Apple Photos, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Backup photos to the cloud in real time

As you archive more and more photos that were previously tucked away in storage, you can backup all of them in real time. This way, you never lose access and never have to worry about image quality. Your cloud-connected devices allow you to transfer and access your photos anywhere in the world and sync with multiple devices.

Scan your old photos

FastFoto features you'll love

      Epson SafeTouch: The hardware used in Epson printers and scanners is designed to maintain the integrity of your original photos. This means even the most delicate and worn photos are safe from further tears, discoloration or damage.

      Single-Step Technology: The smallest of details and nuances contained in your photos are captured in their true, original form. Items like handwritten notes, dates and names listed on the back or any other form of marginalia is identified and scanned correctly the first time around.

      Flexible Scanning: Fragile photos, trading cards, nontraditional notes and other documents that don't normally fit into the category of "family photo" can all be scanned following the same scanning process, making the Epson FastFoto Scanner incredibly versatile.

Document scanning software for your family

Your family's history is yours. Don't keep it locked away or held only by individual relatives - let everyone enjoy the experience of your ancestry and its many beautiful stories.

Creating duplicates and shareable digital files is made possible with the Epson FastFoto scanner. Now, every family member can access treasured pictures and memories at their own convenience.

It's not just family photos, though. Other important documents like receipts, tax records, family trees, wills, old love letters and other important files that are meaningful to you today and tomorrow can be scanned and uploaded as well.

Each of these files is automatically converted formats that are easily searched or edited, like PDFs, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

With comprehensive document scanning software at your fingertips, your family has never been held more closely. Nothing is out of reach or lost to fading memories.

Give a gift that's priceless this Christmas: memories that last forever. Contact Epson today for printing and scanning solutions that are right for your family.

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