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Is your business taking the right steps to reducing its carbon footprint?

13 Sep,2023

Every organisation wants to reduce their carbon footprint and the amount of waste they produce. Sustainability has become the norm for everyone in the face of a rapidly changing climate, and corporations have started to take a step up in pushing for a greener future.

In fact, the majority of the largest companies in the world today offer a sustainability report for their investors. But for many organisations, what’s currently being done is not enough to attract the attention of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investors or make a stronger move towards carbon neutrality.

The question every sustainability-focused organisation should be asking themselves is, are our initiatives as impactful as we want them to be, and is there more that we could be doing? To help you answer this question, we’ve put together this whitepaper to identify and address any gaps in your current sustainability program, find measurable ways to meet your goals, and provide energy-efficient printing technology ideas which could further help reduce your carbon footprint.

Click here to download our whitepaper.