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What is a flatbed large format printer?

05 Oct,2023

Printing is often overlooked by many businesses, but it’s one of the most influential ways that your organisation can attract customers quickly, promote your or your client’s work, and share information internally. But what is a flatbed large format printer?

Before getting into flatbed large format printers, we’ll focus on large format printers.

What is a large format printer?

A large format printer (LFP) is a tool designed for oversized print jobs. They give businesses the ability to print large-scale items in-house rather than going through a third-party company. Printing in-house means businesses don’t have to rely on outsourcing print jobs, giving them complete control over their print quality, as well as ensuring consistent branding.

Additionally, using an LFP means constant access to printing capabilities, avoiding potential shipping delays and having to adhere to third-party operating hours. This makes urgent printing jobs and printing in large volumes achievable for businesses. 

To be classified as a large print, a project should possess dimensions of at least 12 inches in width or height.

Now that we’ve delved into large format printers, let’s take a closer look at LFPs that cater to signage and décor. 

What are the types of signage and décor large format printers?

SureColor S-Series

The SureColor S-Series is a range of eco-solvent  printers perfect for professionals specialising in sign printing. They are compatible with an enhanced range of media including the full range of paper, canvas, film and vinyl substrates. They produce images that are brighter, and more durable, and have a higher gloss level and gamut range than competitors.

SureColor R-Series

The SureColor R-Series is a range of large format printers perfect for wallpapers, posters, signage and more! The R-Series printers use resin ink technology that offers instant lamination, minimises printing hassle, better colour accuracy and better colour consistency. The printers come with Epson Edge Print  software for a productive workflow and a cutting-edge PrecisionCore print head for consistent, accurate output.  

SureColor V-Series

The SureColor V7000 is made to produce long-lasting images with exceptional color and color accuracy on a variety of substrates. The printer employs 8 colour + White + Varnish UV inks  and has a 1.25 x 2.50m bed with multi-zone suction. The printer can print on a wide variety of materials, including board, core flute, vinyl, canvas, aluminum, wood, and acrylic . It is great for graphic art, POS/POP, packaging, decoration, and bespoke cabinetry with a media thickness of up to 80mm.