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The EcoTank revolution: A seismic shift in printing

Today, the way we print documents is changing dramatically. Just as smartphones have revolutionised the way people communicate, and hybrid cars and electric vehicles are revolutionising the automobile industry, a new type of printer is about to revolutionise how we print.

It's called EcoTank. It's an economical new printing solution that combines the performance advantages of Epson Micro Piezo printheads with a high-capacity ink tank system. With it, Epson will revolutionise monochrome printing, and further build on the success that has made Epson EcoTank the world's top-selling ink tank printer2.

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What is EcoTank?

EcoTank - High-capacity ink tank system

With an easy-to-refill, high-capacity ink tank integrated into the printer body, EcoTank printers have become the world's top-selling ink tank printers. The EcoTank monochrome series can print as many as 6,000 pages3 and has a see-through window on the front of each printer that makes it easy to check the level of ink remaining in the tank.

EcoTank Mono ET-1120

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EcoTank Mono Ink Bottle

Key technology core benefits

  • Low running cost
  • Less intervention
  • Easy operation
Filling up EcoTank Mono Printer tank Filling up EcoTank Mono Printer tank

EcoTank Vs Laser

EcoTank �?" High-capacity ink tank system

There are many reasons why EcoTank printers are the smart choice for monochrome printing.

EcoTank printers use a much simpler printing mechanism than laser printers, so maintenance and downtime are reduced. They also don't use heat to print, so you don't have to wait for them to warm up before printing.

EcoTank printheads eject ink without coming in contact with the paper protecting essential printing components from friction and wear. In addition, ink is more space-efficient than laser printer toner because toner contains a large volume of air trapped between the individual particles of powdered ink.

Key technology core benefits

  • Fast first page printing
  • Low power consumption
  • High media flexibility
Epson EcoTank Monochrome Video EcoTank Monochrome Series Printers Video

Key differences between EcoTank and Laser




Epson EcoTank vs Laser Pritner

Simple mechanism


Complex mechanism

Laser printers use a complex combination of interdependent processes, including charging, exposure, development, transfer, and fixing, to transfer toner onto the paper. EcoTank printers, on the other hand, use a simple mechanism to eject ink from the printhead directly onto the paper.

Uses no heat


Uses heat

In laser printers, high-temperature heating is required to fix toner to the paper. EcoTank printers use precisely controlled mechanical pressure to eject ink - no heat is required.

No contact with paper


Contact with paper

In laser printers, toner attached to the photoconductor is transferred by being brought into contact with the paper. EcoTank printers eject ink, and require no contact between printhead and paper.




Laser printers use toner, which is powdered ink that must be fused to the paper by applying heat and pressure. EcoTank printers use ink that readily adheres to paper. In addition, the space between powdered ink particles includes air, so the toner takes up a greater volume than ink.

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With their elegantly simple mechanism and ability to print without heat or direct contact with paper, EcoTank printers offer many performance advantages beyond high speed and high print quality.

Epson EcoTank Mono vs Laser Printers

Epson Technology

Micro Piezo Technology �?" what makes EcoTank so special?

EcoTank printers feature Micro Piezo technology and are equipped with Micro Piezo printheads that are unique in the industry. Thanks to their superior design, these printheads have high durability and reliability, and can print on a wide range of media. It is a core Epson technology that is found in all Epson-manufactured inkjet printers.

Key technology core benefits

  • Fast first page printing
  • Low power consumption
  • High media flexibility
  1. 2 years' of ink based upon user's average monthly print volume (200 pages per month).
  2. No.1 ink tank printer vendor worldwide IDC Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2019 Q3 Worldwide Inktank Inkjet MFP/Printer Unit Share CY2018 by Company.
  3. Quoted yields are simulated figures calculated by Epson based on the ISO/IEC19752 test patterns.
  4. Based on replacement ink bottle at $24.99 for 6,000 pages.