Epson Stylus Pro 7500

Stylus Pro 7500

Large Format Printers

A New Standard in 24" (610mm) Large Format Digital Colour Printing

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The Epson Stylus Pro 7500 takes large format printing to a new level, providing outstanding flexibility with unrivalled 1440 dpi resolution. This fully-featured printer utilises the latest advances in Epson's award-winning Micro Piezo technology, all brought together in the Epson PerfectPicture Imaging System. The result is Photo Reproduction Quality colour printing whatever the size.

The permanent Micro Piezo printhead has meticulous control of the printing process, placing virtually invisible Epson Super Micro Dots on the page at high speed, and with pinpoint accuracy. A genuine 6 colour printer, the Epson STYLUS PRO 7000 also features 6 separate high capacity Epson QuickDry ink cartridges, ensuring vivid colour reproduction through ink droplets which are dry as soon as they hit the page. For exceptional quality and flexibility at high speed, there’s nothing to touch the Epson STYLUS PRO 7500. Once again, for the ultimate performance combined with unbeatable value, Epson leads the way.

A Broad Range of Applications

The Epson STYLUS PRO 7500 provides the quality required for high-end proofing applications, with the flexibility to suit a wide variety of other printing requirements. It can print on cut sheets from A4 to A1, roll paper up to 24" (610mm) (604mm printable width) wide and, utilising the straight paper path, media up to 1.5mm thick. In fact, Epson has developed B2 size, 1.2mm thick Semi-Gloss Poster Board media specifically to match these advanced printing requirements.

The Epson STYLUS PRO 7500 differs from its twin, the 7000, utilising Epson Colorfast Inks. The Epson Colorfast Ink system is a six colour ink delivery system, featuring pigment based inks and Epson micro encapsulation technology. This revolutionary inking technology makes the 7500 ideal for posters or artwork. For information on lightfastness, click here.

This remarkable printer is the perfect solution for high quality indoor professional and corporate applications including various stages of proofing, point-of-sale displays, exhibition graphics, promotional posters, signs, packaging, GIS, art and photography.

Versatile Printing Solutions

EPSON’s Micro Piezo inkjet technology is rapidly becoming the printer engine of choice for high performance applications. By combining this recognised commitment to quality with exceptional versatility, the Epson STYLUS PRO 7500 provides solutions demanded by high-end printing professionals.

An optional Epson 5100 RIP Station - a true Adobe PostScript 3, networkable, multi-protocol, advanced colour server - is also available.

RIP solutions are available via 3rd party RIP developers, who not only provide added functionality in specialist areas of various markets, but also allow the Epson range of professional inkjets to be integrated into existing workflows, thus offering a very flexible, high quality printing solution.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Epson STYLUS PRO 7500 has the connectivity to suit stand-alone or networked environments. The standard USB and Parallel interfaces enable simple, superfast connection to a range of devices. For a broader appeal, Epson’s advanced network connectivity options include IEEE 1394 (Firewire) for high speed, easy to use, MAC connectivity and also a range of 100BaseTX/10BaseT Ethernet interfaces, featuring automatic protocol detection.

Sophisticated Features and Simple Operation

From its award-winning Micro Piezo printhead to its clear user interfaces and highly accessible control panel, media paths and individual ink cartridges, the Epson STYLUS PRO 7500 is the perfect combination of advanced technology and ease of use. However complex your printing requirements, you can rest assured of unbeatable quality and straightforward control.

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