Epson SureColor F3000 - DTG

SureColor F3000 - DTG

When Epson launched the SureColor Fabric series it represented a major evolution in textile printing. For the first time, equipment was designed as a complete and integrated solution. Consistent and superior image quality could be achieved with simpler operation and less maintenance. The SC-F3000 has scaled this concept up to suit to needs of high-volume producers. It combines all of the features which have made Epson a leader in direct-to-garment (DTG), with faster loading, quicker printing, higher durability, and an ultra-low running cost. Aimed primarily at manufacturers who want to value-add T-shirts, Polo tops, jeans and sweats, it can also be used for décor and fashion applications. Prints can be made on pre-cut fabric or directly onto finished garments with a heat press used to 'fix' the image. The printer features a bulk supply system that uses compact and cost-effective bag-based ink. Hardware is covered by a comprehensive service package that is extendable up to FIVE years.3

The SureColor F3000 combines advanced Epson UltraChrome® DG ink with our latest PrecisionCore head technology, and an upgraded print engine. Staggered 2.6" print heads enable high speed single-pass five-colour production. Heads feature Variable Sized Dot Technology (VSDT), ink-less nozzle status monitoring, and automatic cleaning. The print engine incorporates upgraded motors and a new heavy-duty Linear Motion Guide carriage. Automatic platen height adjustment facilitates fast and flexible garment loading with consistent image quality, and minimal waste.

  • High Productivity – dual 2.6" PrecisionCore ꙡTFP print heads for true single-pass production. High speed networking enables rapid file transfer with 4GB RAM for job queuing. New Hanger Platens and auto height adjustment enable for faster loading with optional grip pads for frameless placement. A light coloured shirt can be produced in as little as 14s, a dark shirt in 26s1.
  • High Print Quality – Epson Precision Dot technology and advanced VSDT ensures solid and consistent colour with enhanced brightness (dMax) and gamut along with superior gradation and detail. Ink-less nozzle status monitoring and advanced auto cleaning ensure consistent output with minimum wastage.
  • High Flexibility – supports a wide range of fabrics in light and dark colours containing a mix of natural and man-made fibres. Different platen options are available to support a variety of production applications and garment sizes with easy height setting with auto fine adjustment.4
  • High Functionality – supplied with Epson Garment Creator that enables production of complex high-quality images containing a mix of text and graphics, Epson Accounting software for cost control and new Epson Cloud Solution PORT for enhanced management and operational support. Also supports 3rd party software
  • Low Running Cost – features a large fabric based head wiper and a bulk ink supply system that uses cost-effective bag based ink. Consumables last longer, require less frequent replacement and result in less waste. The printer requires minimal maintenance, has advanced self-monitoring and integrated help with QR-code video assistance.
  • Easy to Operate – supplied on a stand with an ergonomic height, runs off a standard 240V power supply, and incorporates a touch-sensitive control panel with adjustable display settings. Large controls are placed for easy access and enable multiple machines to be managed by a single operator.
  • Maximum Reliability & Durability – latest print engine with heavy-duty motors, all-new Linear Motion Guide carriage system, extra-large fluff catchers, and self-washing capping system. Comprehensive and flexible service with cover extendable up to 5yrs and the option for user self-replacement of print heads.



Quality and Reliability

The SureColor F3000 features a high durability print engine with upgraded brush-less motors and a new Linear Motion Guide carriage system. Print Heads feature ink-less nozzle status monitoring and incorporate fluff catchers that are up to 16 times larger than traditional. An upgraded head wiper system works in conjunction with advanced air filtration and a new Maintenance Liquid to ensure all key parts of the print system are kept clean and optimal. When a file is sent to print it is processed using Epson Precision Dot technology with an advanced Look-Up-Table (LUT) that selects the precise amount of each colour. The printer applies ink quickly and evenly using the latest Variable Sized Dot Technology for outstanding image quality with accurate colour and minimum consumption.

Epson UltraChrome DG Ink is optimised for fabric with a moderate to loose weave and 50% or more cotton content. When used in conjunction with the appropriate Epson pre-treatment liquid, ink will adhere to garments containing a range of single and multiple fibre contents including polyester. It produces images with a low tack finish and good UV/wash durability. The ink and pre-treat have low toxicity. When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed, garments have been determined safe for use by adults, children, and babies.4 & 5



Fast and Easy to Operate

Direct-to-garment printing replaces the complex, messy and time consuming process of traditional screen printing with a fast, flexible, and repeatable digital solution. Artwork can be created using a range of readily available drawing and photo editing programs before being printed directly to one, two, or a hundred pieces of clothing. The SC-F3000 features dual Epson 2.6" PrecisionCore Micro Thin Film Print Heads that apply white and colour ink separately. There is an inter-head gap that has been carefully optimised to enable true single-pass production at maximum speed.1 The printer comes mounted on a stand with a height that enables extended ergonomic operation. The printer is relatively compact and runs off a standard 240V power supply.

The Epson SC-F3000 uses upgraded removable platens that have wire hangers for easier garment setting. They can be used with the supplied frames or optional user-replaceable grip pads for rapid frameless loading.6 Height is set manually using a simple dial system with up to 29.5mm of adjustment to accommodate a wide variety of fabric types. A new loading sensor works with the carriage system to provide automatic fine adjustment for a more efficient workflow with improved print quality and reduced wastage. The printer incorporates a large LCD display and easily accessible controls that enable a single operator to manage multiple machines. The display has an advanced touch-sensitive interface that supports operators wearing gloves and has integrated help. Additional on-line tutorial and support material can be accessed via a QR-Code.

The printer ships with upgraded Epson Garment Creator software that is simple to use while offering powerful functionality. Additional Epson Accounting Tool software enables consumption tracking for expense monitoring job costing. A new cloud based utility called Epson Total Solution PORT provides advanced monitoring and operational analysis while facilitating enhanced support and service.3



Flexible and Economic to Run

The SC-F3000 uses a 5c ink set that supports output on a wide range of natural and man-made fabrics3. The printer features a bulk supply system that holds up to 3L of white and 6L of colour ink. The ink ships in cost effective 1.5L bags that are loaded via simple removable trays that have no moving parts to enable rapid loading with reliable operation. The supply system incorporates a new Maintenance Liquid that ensures print heads and ink capping systems are kept clean and lint free. The printer ships with a medium sized platen that suits adult-sized shirts and common merchandise items. Additional Epson platens can be ordered for work environments with a multiple operator work flow, to suit oversized garments, child sizes, garments with zippers/buttons, sleeve/pant, and pocket panels. 3rd party platens are independently available for specialty items such as caps, hats, and shoes.

The SC-F3000 provides enhanced durability and a reduced running cost to ensure a low Total Cost of ownership (TCO). The Target production volume is 3~6k items per month in which case the fabric wiper, flushing pads, and large re-usable waste tank typically only need to be replaced/emptied once or twice a month. The printer requires minimal maintenance that can be completed quickly and easily with the assistance of multiple user access panels and on-screen help.2

Service is often a significant issue for production equipment, particularly when it comes to fabric. Breakdowns interrupt workflow while unexpected repair bills are a drain on cash flow. The F3000 can be ordered with a range of service packages that are not only flexible but provide comprehensive cover. For customers who have staff with a moderate level of technical ability there is even a facility to enable user self-replacement on selected components including the print heads.3

1 Single-pass production refers to platen movement. The printer supports a range of print modes, each with different resolution and carriage pass settings. Performance figures are based on output under nominated conditions (see the specs tab for further detail).

2 Cleaning and maintenance frequency will vary depending on a range of factors including production volume, fabric type, operational workflow and environment (relative levels of dust/fabric fibre, temperature and humidity, etc).

3 After-sales support is coordinated by Epson in conjunction with our Authorised Reseller and Service Networks. Support may be restricted or limited if equipment is used outside of specification, with incorrect &/or non-genuine consumables. Provision of service under CoverPlus and operation of Epson Cloud Solution PORT requires an agreement under the Epson Total Solution program and connection of the printer to a network with Internet access. User self-replacement requires that staff to be appropriately skilled and trained. For further details please refer to the specs tab.

4 When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed Epson DS ink has passed the standards set by GOTS-ECOCERT (08-01219) and OEKO‐TEX® ECO PASSPORT. For further details on these standards please visit and

5 The printer ships with a Medium Hanger Platen. Additional Epson platens are available to suit a range of garment sizes, types, and print applications. Custom platens are also available through 3rd party suppliers to suit a variety of specialist applications. Selected Epson platens can be used with optional Grip Pads for fast frameless loading and setting. Grip Pads are user replaceable to allow for issues involved with wear, grime and ink bleed.

6 The printer ships with a Medium Hanger Platen. Additional platens are available to suit a range of garment sizes, types, and print applications. Selected platens can be used with optional Grip Pads for fast frameless loading and setting. Grip Pads are user replaceable to allow for issues involved with wear, grime and ink bleed. Custom platens are also available through 3rd party suppliers to suit a variety of specialist applications.