Epson SureColor F2260 - DTG & DTF

SureColor F2260 - DTG & DTF

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Quality production made flexible

Epson has grown to become a world leader in digital fabric production. The SureColor F2260 is the third generation of our popular desktop direct-to-garment (DTG) range. It combines outstanding image quality with an enhanced production speed, a reduced print cost, and support for the latest direct-to-film (DTFilm) techniques. The printer uses a new ink that enables improved imaging on a range of material. Prints can be made directly onto fabric or indirectly via film transfer. The printer ships as standard in a 5-colour configuration with CYMK + dual white ink for maximum production flexibility.

The SC-F2260 incorporates refined ergonomics and auto head-height adjustment for easier loading and enhanced productivity. It uses new Epson UltraChrome® DG2 ink and features our latest PrecisionCore® MicroTFP printhead. The head provides superior operational durability while enabling better image quality and faster speed. Super-fine lines, exceptional gradations and solid fills can be produced on a wide range of fabric and film. Ink ships in convenient 800 ml ink pouches for more efficient production with less frequent purchase, replacement and waste.

  • Enhanced productivity – improved ergonomics, auto head-height adjustment and a faster print speed. Produce a light-coloured T-shirt in as little as 28 seconds, and a dark shirt in as little as 52 seconds1.
  • Enhanced print quality – second generation DG2 ink, latest MicroTFP head technology and upgraded software. Produce prints on a wider range of media with finer lines, more consistent fills and less bleed.
  • Enhanced functionality – supplied complete with Garment Creator 2 software. The new version offers faster performance and enhanced support for direct-to-film (DTFilm) operation.
  • Enhanced reliability – comprehensive warranty with service cover extendable up to five years. Epson Cloud Solution PORT enables enhanced user reporting and remote service diagnosis.2
  • Reduced operational cost – uses cost-effective 800 ml ink pouches. Printheads are covered by warranty/CoverPlus while a new fan-less design enables reduced operational noise, maintenance and parts expense.
  • Outstanding flexibility – supports a wide range of fabrics containing a mix of natural and man-made fibres in thicknesses up to 25 mm. Platen options support a variety of production applications and garment sizes/types. Ships as a 5-colour configuration to suit light-garment, dark-garment and film work.3
  • Easy to install and operate – printer can be inverted to fit through a standard door, simple to set up with all-front-loaded consumables and a reduced footprint, has a large touch panel display and conveniently located controls.

Quality results

The SC-F2260 was designed for medium-volume commercial production and in-store garment customisation. Multiple machines can be used together to enable higher volume production. It is a third-generation mechanism with proven performance and refined operation. It incorporates one of Epson's latest PrecisionCore thin film printheads with support for enhanced speed and quality. Auto head-height setting, auto head cleaning and active nozzle management ensure consistent optimum output. Upgraded Garment Creator software takes full advantage of enhanced the head capability for imaging with finer lines, enhanced gradation and better fills.

Upgraded Epson UltraChrome DG2 ink has been designed to address the latest DTG and DTFilm workflow techniques. When used in conjunction with appropriate pre-treat solution, film and powders, it adheres to a wider range of fabrics. It produces images with less bleed, superior colour and UV/wash durability. Epson consumables feature reduced toxicity over competitors, making them safer to work with. When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed they conform to the latest Oeko-Tex® Eco Passport and GOTS-ECOCERT standards with garments safe for use by adults, children and babies.3 4

Easy to install and operate

Direct-to-garment printing replaces the complex, messy and time-consuming process of traditional screen printing with a faster, more flexible, and more repeatable digital solution. Artwork can be created using a range of readily available drawing and photo editing programs before being printed directly onto fabric or film for subsequent fabric transfer. The process provides increased scope for creativity while enabling significant cost savings and just-in-time production.

The SureColor F2260 features a revised enclosure. During delivery it can be rotated 90° to enable transit through narrow corridors and doorways. It has flatter sides and a reduced depth to make installation easier. Ergonomics have been improved with a flat top, see through platen cover and lit interior. The loading area has been made cleaner, height adjustment made easier, and key controls relocated for more efficient operation. An enlarged 4.3-inch touch panel display provides more operator information while making adjustment easier. The printer ships in a flexible 5-colour colour + white configuration and can optionally be set up for high-speed 4-colour on light coloured fabric.3

As with its predecessor, the SC-F2260 supports premium frame-based output as well as rapid frame-less output with user-replaceable grip pads. Macro height adjustment can be done quickly and efficiently without requiring tools. Fine adjustment is done automatically for efficient operation with optimal image quality and reduced spoilage. The head is self-cleaning and operates with a self-washing capping system for enhanced reliability and reduced user-maintenance. The control panel features integrated help and a QR-Code that links to videos that provide further assistance. The printer ships with upgraded Epson Garment Creator 2 software and connects with Epson Cloud Solution PORT which provides advanced management and costing tools.5

Flexible and economic to run

The SureColor F2260 ships in a 5-colour configuration that enable operation with a variety of fabric and film types. It ships complete with a standard sized platen to enable a single operator to produce standard adult t-shirt sizes as well as common merchandise items. Additional platens can be ordered separately to suit work environments with multiple operators and separate preparation, pre-treatment and/or fixing stations. Optional platens are also available to suit oversized garments, garments with zippers & buttons, child sizes, sleeve and pocket panels.

The SC-F2260 was designed to provide enhanced productivity and a reduced running cost. The new 1.33-inch printhead enables a faster print speed while inks ship in cost-effective 800 ml pouches. The printhead provides durable operation without the cost and labour associated with regular replacement. The head is covered under warranty and CoverPlus, extendable up to 5 years. Implementation of Epson Cloud Solution PORT enables enhanced support with Epson technicians able to undertake remote diagnosis for expedited resolution.2

1 Figures are based on print speed only for a printer in standard 5-colour configuration outputting an image 346 x 408 mm in CYMK on a light coloured shirt or white only on a dark colour shirt via DTG in Fast mode using Epson Garment Creator 2. The printer supports a range of print modes to suit different workflow, application, and quality requirements; customers are recommended to check with their dealer on which mode is appropriate to their individual need and the consequential speed that can be achieved. It should be noted that actual print times will vary depending on a range of variables including production method, workflow, printer configuration, image size & type, print mode, software selection, PC specification, and networking configuration. It should also be noted that addition time will be required for garment pre-treatment, loading, flattening, unloading & fixing under DTG / film affixation & removal, powder application, liquefaction, affixation, peeling and finishing under DTFilm.

2 In the situation where a hardware repair is required Epson will perform this free on-site within greater metro locations (regional locations may attract travelling charges). Cover can be extended up to a maximum total of 5 years through the purchase of optional CoverPlus. In all cases cover is subject to a range of conditions; please refer to the specification page of this web site for further information.

3 It is important to discuss fabric and workflow preferences with Epson and/or your dealer prior to purchase. While the printer supports a wide range of production methods and fabric types, not all material is suitable &/or suitable for specific workflow processes. Different fabrics and image types are better addressed with particular production methods. Different production methods require different consumables and ancillary equipment while effecting production times and costs. The printer ships in a standard 5-colour configuration but can optionally be configured for high-speed 4-colour work without white; this must be done at the point of initial installation and once set, cannot be changed. Printer rotation will allow it to fit through a door that is as narrow as 500 mm. It is important that this process only be used at point of initial delivery. Rotation after initialisation has potential to cause ink leakage and damage to the printer.

4 When applied to fabric and appropriately fixed Epson DS2 ink has met or exceeded the standards established by GOTS-ECOCERT and OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT. For further details on these standards please visit and

5 The printer supports standard frame based loading. Platen grip pads can optionally be applied to the large, standard and small platens to enable faster frameless loading and setting. The grip pads are user replaceable to allow for issues involved with wear, grime and ink bleed.