Epson SureColor F6000 - 44"

SureColor F6000 - 44

Large Format Printers

Customised Sportswear, Soft Signage and Merchandise Production

The SureColor Fabric DS series represent a revolution in dye sublimation. Designed by Epson from the ground up, it provides an imaging platform for garments, sportswear, soft-signage and promotional items. Prints are made onto paper which is then transferred (sublimated) via a heat press onto material that contains a polyester base or has received a polyester pre-treatment. Unique to the Epson solution, the ink and hardware were developed together. This integrated approach enables exceptional print quality along with outstanding productivity and mechanical durability. The system offers fast and flexible operation with low production costs, high reliability and easy management.

The SC-F6000 combines Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore™ print head with UltraChrome® DS ink, a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) and a 44" print engine. The head enables high resolution output with precision dot sizing, placement and ink density management. The ink supports a wide range of industry standard transfer media with output that is not only cost-effective but has predictable colour with a high dMax and extended Gamut. The engine and supply system facilitate continuous production at speeds up to 63.4m2/hr with sheet based output to suit small to medium sized transfer equipment.

  • High Productivity – supports sellable production speeds up to 30.2m2/hr with a 6L Continuous Ink Supply System, spindle-less roll based media loading and an inbuilt auto-cutter
  • High Flexibility – supports media up to 44" (1118mm) wide and 0.5mm thicknesses
  • Low Operational Cost – designed to minimise operator involvement, features low power consumption and uses cost-effective 1L ink refills
  • Easy to Operate – features all front-loading consumables, a large LCD control panel with in-built help, remote status notification & remote management, ships with Ergosoft RIP software customised for Epson complete with premium Standard features and optional Professional features... Additional software compatibility Info
  • Easy to Install – features a compact size, can be operated against a wall or in a corner, does not require a special power supply, available with a choice of warranty options and has delivery costs included1
  • Epson PrecisionCore™ (TFP) Print Head – supports to 720x1440dpi resolution with Variable Sized Dot Technology™ (VSDT) for fine detail reproduction, consistent and solid colour, superior half tones and optimised ink usage
  • Epson UltraChrome™ DS ink – provides for consistent and predictable colour with a large gamut, wide media support & excellent image fastness



Quality Results at High Speed

The SureColor F6000 is built on a robot-assembled chassis that is laser welded for exceptional strength and rigidity. This precision construction enables outstanding print and production speeds with minimum movement and/or noise. It incorporates Epson's advanced PrecisionCore™ Thin Film print head with micro-fine nozzles that support adjustable high resolution imaging with pin-point positional accuracy and outstanding uniformity. Variable-size Droplet Technology enables additional image clarity, the enhancement of half-tones, as well as the optimisation of ink density for uniform results with minimum consumption.

Epson UltraChrome DS Ink was designed for production of a wide range of goods from material and clothing, to soft signage and banners, customised surface treatments and merchandise. It provides vibrant and intense colour that adheres quickly, transfers smoothly and provides excellent light and wash fastness. When used in conjunction with the hardware for which it was developed, it produces superior output with lower production costs and enhanced mechanical durability. The ink is resistant to damage through abrasion and perspiration. When applied to polyester fabrics it passes the Class 1 requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100® enabling safe use by adults and children2. The ink supports a wide range of common transfer media and for optimum results Epson offers a range of premium paper.

Flexible and Economic to Run

The SureColor F6000 is small and compact with a footprint that is just 1.8m2. All consumables are front loading and it features fast spindle-less media mounting that can be managed by a single operator. It ships with one set of media adaptors that support rolls with either 2" or 3" cores. Additional sets can be purchased separately to facilitate rapid exchange in environments when multiple stocks need to be used. Designed to work with flat sheet-based presses, the printer incorporates a high speed auto-cutter.

The Fabric series has been designed for consistent, reliable and cost-effective operation. The F6000 features a continuous ink supply system with large 1.5L tanks. Each tank incorporates a buffer for resource scheduling and is refilled using inexpensive 1L packs. The printer incorporates an e-mail system which can be configured to send status and error notifications to operators located on and/or off-site. The printer can be managed via a front panel LCD with in-built help, or remotely via supplied utility software. The engine features low power consumption with sleep and stand-by modes that help further reduce costs in environments with fluid workflow.

Easy to Install, Configure and Operate

Dye sublimation offers significant benefits over traditional screen printing for fabric production. It is considerably quicker and less expensive for short to medium production runs, requiring less labour, set-up costs and wastage. Printing is mess free and production can occur in a relatively small amount of space. Job turnaround is faster and repeat runs can be undertaken at the push of a button. While prints can only be transferred (sublimated) onto fabric with a polyester base they can also be applied to other materials like metals, plastics and foam which will accept a polyester spray and withstand the heat and pressure of the transfer process. In this method items such as wall decorations, furniture finishes, phone covers and even footwear ('thongs') can be produced.

The SureColor Fabric series is delivered and installed through a process co-ordinated by Epson. The printer is configured on-site with utility software downloaded onto an operator's computer1. Printers are supplied with Ergosoft Sublimation RIP software that has been specially optimised for our models. It contains a number of advanced features that are normally only available as an option. The F6000 can be purchased with software in one of two configuration options; Standard or Professional Edition. The Professional Edition includes additional Quality Control, Job Costing, Proofing and Hot-Folder and Production functionality.

1 A PC with reasonable processing power, memory, storage, and networking facilities will be required. The independent sourcing of appropriate transfer equipment will be required. The use of an external heater/ blower system should also be considered. Delivery, installation and after-sales service is co-ordinated by Epson Australia in conjunction with our Authorised Reseller network. This service is provided free of charge conditional on factors including physical location and access. It does not cover any work &/or costs associated with connection to the electrical supply, building alterations and room refurbishments. Regional locations and installation environments which are not ground floor, have difficult access, and/or limited parking for delivery & set-up teams may attract additional charges. Installation and service may be restricted or limited when equipment is used outside of specification &/or with non-Epson consumables. Please contact Epson Australia or one of our Authorised Resellers for full details on coverage, terms and limitations.

2 The four colour Epson dye sublimation inks used in the Epson SureColor SCF7100/SC-F6000 series printers, when applied to polyester fabrics, pass the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for human ecological requirements of Class I products for adults, children, and babies up to 36 months. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 specifies testing criteria for the presence of harmful substances within a textile product. The standard belongs to the International Association for Research and Testing in the field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-Tex).