Epson DM-D110/D210

Epson DM-D110/D210

Customer Displays

Clear and Easy-To-Read

Clear and Easy-To-Read
Clear and easy to read, the large screen and 2-line x 20-column format provide customers with information at a glance. Furthermore, the display panel affords a wide viewing angle, and the head can be freely tilted and swiveled to any angle.

Euro symbol Support
These customer displays already handle the Euro as part of their solid support for the latest POS processing and customer communication needs.

Extensive Font Table
The extensive (12 pages in all) character code table, which includes Euro, Latin 2, Cyrillic, ANSI, and Blank Page, allows you to build systems to exact user specifications.

High-Speed Data Transfer
The transfer of data with a host is achieved at a super-fast 115,200 bps, the fastest rate in the class. Data is displayed in real-time, further improving processing efficiency.

Flash Memory Included
Flash memory is built in, providing the flexibility to rewrite font data.

Easy Connection
DM-D series customer displays support a wide range of power supplies, from 12V to 48V. For example, they can be connected to the serial COM port at 12V, a PS-170 at 24V, or a TM-U300/U200 at 30V. Also, because they can be connected directly to any available host terminal, you have the flexibility to build many different types of systems.

Supported by the Epson ESC/POS command set, the DM-D series offers excellent utility. You can download user-defined characters, execute processes defined as a macro, and use internal character sets.

The Epson OCX driver software makes application development faster and less expensive in Windows® 95/98/2000/NT environments.