Epson M-190 Series

Epson M-190 Series

Impact Mini Printers

Ultra-compact and light weight

Ultra-Compact and Light Weight
The M-190 series is only 15.8mm high and weighs a mere 100 grams, making it suitable for incorporating within a variety of compact products.

High Reliability for ECR and EFT Applications
Capable of printing at a speed of 2.5 LPS, the M-190 helps to improve customer service. The fast printing speed is complemented by high reliability - an MCBF of 1.5 x 106lines - ensuring suitability for ECR and EFT applications.

Mount-Compatible with the M-180
The M-190 mount has exactly the same dimensions as the M-180 mount. So no additional costs for producing mount molds are required.

Ni-Cd Battery Operation
The M-190 can be operated on four Ni-Cd batteries.