Epson AcuLaser C4000

AcuLaser C4000

Colour Laser Printers

At last. A cost-effective, high speed, colour laser printer.

Launching Soon!

It's the new leader in colour laser printing - the Epson AcuLaser C4000.
  • High speed output at up to16ppm in FULL COLOUR
  • True 1200dpi with Epson AcuLaser 2400dpi class print Quality
  • Advanced job management functions (with optional hard disk drive)
  • Standard duplex unit for automated two-sided printing
  • Incredibly easy to use and maintain for lower cost of ownership
  • 400MHz RISC processor and 192Mb RAM standard (expandable to 1,024Mb)
  • Standard 10/100Base TX network connectivity with support for a broad range of client and network operating systems
From the recognised world leader in colour imaging comes the Epson AcuLaser C4000 - the cost-effective colour print solution for high-demand business environments.

The Epson AcuLaser C4000 is the perfect solution for businesses that recognise the real need for colour laser printing without sacrificing speed or quality. Cost-effective, low maintenance, high-speed colour laser printing in a fully featured desktop unit. It's the printer that has changed forever the world of business document printing.

It's the perfect business printer for:
  • on-demand colour documents;
  • low-to-medium-volume colour print runs (newsletters, event invitations etc) that feature text and graphics;
  • confidential job printing (optional hard disk drive for advanced job management);
  • office and business documents that use colour to:

    • reduce visual search time;
    • present information more clearly;
    • generate excitement and enthusiasm;
    • increase the reader's attention span.
Every day, businesses print monochrome documents that would have incredibly greater impact if printed in colour. Too often it has been either a case of time or money - the time spent in waiting for lower speed colour laser printers to complete the job, or money (and time) spent in sending out the print job to a quick-print company.

But this has now changed forever!

With the introduction of the Epson AcuLaser C4000 rapid and cost-effective document and low-volume prints runs are a reality. Speed, vibrant colour, crisp text, ease-of-use and affordability are all embodied in the one printer.

Designed to keep pace - 4 times faster
  • Up to 16 pages per minute in FULL COLOUR
  • Up to 16 pages per minute in monochrome
  • Less than 15 seconds for first colour page out
Speed is one of the most impressive features of the AcuLaser C4000. With Epson 4-2-1 Tandem Technology, a highly optimised driver, a 400MHz processor coupled with an Epson AcuLaser Colour ASIC and incredibly efficient on-board technologies, the AcuLaser C4000 prints at up to four times faster than traditional colour laser printers.

Superb Print Quality

The expectation and demand for high quality colour printing is met in full by the AcuLaser C4000.
  • EPSON AcuLaser Multi-screen Printing
  • EPSON AcuLaser Fine Dot Control
  • EPSON AcuLaser Colour-RITech
  • EPSON AcuLaser MicroPolymer Toner
Advanced and refined Epson technologies work together to improve the appearance of low resolution images, eliminate dotted or jagged edges in colour text and graphics, and boost the printer's original 1200dpi resolution to an effective 2400dpi.

World Class Engine Design

Designed for fast single-pass colour printing.

Speed of processing is a major part in achieving rapid laser printing. But it is only one variable when it comes to the real world of colour laser printing. Paper throughput speed is critical and with the AL-C4000's Quadra Beam Technology all four colours are processed simultaneously, dramatically reducing throughput time and thereby increasing print productivity. It's full colour printing without a speed penalty and that's thanks to Epson's:
  • AcuLaser Quadra Beam Technology
  • Single-Pass, Multi-Colour

Easy Maintenance and Cost-Effective
  • Long-life key components
  • Quick and easy replacement of consumables
Mess-free maintenance of toner, fuser units and transfer belts - all of which have a long life - is par for the course. All consumables are easily accessible via the front or top of the AcuLaser C4000 and the colour-coded toner cartridges can be replaced individually. These long life components play an important part in ensuring your AcuLaser C4000 per-page print costs are very economical; and with a duty cycle of 35,000 pages per month this is a powerful, easily maintained and cost-effective printer.

Advanced Job Management
  • Confidential Job Printing function
  • Job Storage
  • Reprint and Verification functions
With the optional hard disk drive, the AcuLaser C4000 delivers a number of advanced job management functions. In many cases, data can be retained on the disk drive to dramatically increase print speed and print job flexibility.

Superior Paper Handling

Designed for best-of-class paper handling
  • Standard duplex unit for two-sided printing
  • 500-sheet paper tray standard
  • 100-sheet multi-purpose tray
  • Two optional 500-sheet paper cassettes
With the standard duplex unit the AcuLaser C4000 is suitable for a broad range of colour printing applications. The AcuLaser C4000 has the paper capacity to manage large print runs. Expandable to 1,600 sheets with two optional paper cassettes (2x500). Adding even more to the AcuLaser C4000's paper handling features is the multi-purpose tray that lets you use a wide variety of paper sizes and thicknesses up to 216g/sm.

Advanced Driver Software
  • Simple and flexible printer driver operation
  • Unique Epson Status Monitor 3
  • Automatic and highly accurate RGB to CMYK conversion
The AcuLaser C4000's bundled software is designed to make printer control extremely simple. From the printer driver's intuitive interface for easy selection of print layouts, colour adjustment and print quality levels, to the Epson Status Monitor 3 on-screen display, everything you need for total and easy control is right at hand.

Flexible Connectivity
  • Clients: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT4, Mac OS 8.1, 9.0
  • Networks: Windows NT4, Novell, NetBEUI, AppleTalk and UNIX
The AcuLaser C4000 features extensive connectivity capabilities as standard with USB, high-speed parallel and 10/1000Base TX Ethernet print server interfaces. Its broad range of client and network operating system drivers ensure the AcuLaser C4000 provides an immediate fit into the majority of today's business technology environments.