Epson AcuLaser C900

AcuLaser C900

Colour Laser Printers

High quality, compact colour laser for the small office.

The AcuLaser C900 is the fast, affordable, colour laser printer suitable for the stand-alone user or the small office.

If you've always thought your business could benefit from colour prints, but considered a colour laser printer too expensive, then think again. With the AcuLaser C900 colour has become an affordable reality.

The benefits are clear;

  • The AL-C900 is comparable in price to a monochrome laser printer.
  • Black and white prints are comparable in price and quality to those printed with a monochrome laser.
  • Resolution is 2400dpi class, thanks to some fantastic technological advances from Epson
  • The AL-C900 has a compact footprint that will fit comfortably into any office environment.
  • The AL-C900 is capable of printer speeds of 16ppm for monochrome and 4ppm for colour. The first page is out of the machine in 14 secs for mono and 25 secs for colour.
  • Prints are high quality, the text is sharp text and curves are smooth with even tones and gradations.
  • Maintenance is simple, with easy-to-understand controls and easy access to consumables.
  • The AcuLaser C900 comes standard with a 200 sheet paper cassette. There is also an optional 500 sheet paper cassette. Using this dual paper option means prints on more than one media type can occur at the same time.

The AcuLaser C900 is perfect for printing a wide range of professional office documents such as in house stationary, brochures, direct mail and flyers, customer and internal newsletters, web prints, business reports and submissions.

With colour printing the increase in response from the reader is clear. You can see the benefits through;

  • A reduction in visual search time
  • An ability to present information more clearly
  • An ability to generate excitement and enthusiasm
  • An increase the readers attention span.
  • It sets your presentation apart and ahead of the competition.
With the Epson AcuLaser C900, its now the perfect time to make the transition to full-colour laser printing.