Epson EB-805F


Ultra Short Throw Projectors

Laser projector for retail and corporate signage

  • 3 x Brighter Colours and Reliable Performance1 – 3LCD, 3-Chip Technology. Look for both high colour brightness and high white brightness
  • Bright Images – Up to 5,000 lumens colour/white brightness
  • Break Through Laser Technology – Provides up to 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance free operation, with the added benefits of higher image contrast and instant ON/OFF
  • Full HD2 display up to 130" – For an optimal viewing experience and clear readability — over 2x as big as a 70" flat panel
  • Ultra-wide 16:6 image – Maximise the impact of digital signage to its ultra-wide display up to 120 inches
  • Zero Offset lens – Produces an image up to 130 inches without creating a shadow at a throw distance of 80.3cm, allowing the projector to be installed in both large and small spaces
  • Create head-turning digital signage – illuminate and project on virtually any surface or material, for digital art, commercial signage and décor applications
  • Blends in discretely – sleek design easily blends into its surroundings, offering vertical and horizontal rotation, with flexible placement on floors and mounting on walls or ceilings
  • Robust management and control tools – via Epson’s Web-based application or over the network with Crestron, Extron and more
  • Scalable, for an array of applications – install multiple EB-805F projectors and utilise Edge Blending technology for versatile, breathtaking displays
  • DIY content creation – comes with templates, effects, colour filters and customisable options; playlist and playback function allow for seamless content management for single or multiple projectors
  • Expansive connectivity – HDBaseT, HDMI, VGA, LAN and USB-A for direct content display and storage when needed

1Colour brightness(colour light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with IDMS 15.4. colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors versus top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on NPD sales data for October 2019 through September 2020.
2Pixel shifting technology achieves Full HD resolution on screen


3LCD Technology
3LCD Technology

All Epson projectors are based on 3-chip LCD technology for amazing colour, incredible detail and solid reliability. 3LCD's 3-chip architecture dedicates an entire chip to process each primary colour – red, green and blue, continuously. Unlike single-chip technology that delivers colour sequentially, you get full-time colour. The result is vibrant, realistic images and video all delivered with 3LCD’s true-to-life colour.

3x Brighter Colours with Epson*
Up to 3x Brighter Colours with Epson Projectors*

Epson projectors use 3LCD Engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and therefore don't force a trade-off between white and colour brightness.

In fact, Epson projectors have up to 3x Brighter Colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP projectors*. If you are looking for business and education projectors or 720p home entertainment projectors, know that choosing Epson projectors means up to 3x brighter colours. If you are looking for 1080p home entertainment projectors, you consistently get 2x and up to 3x Brighter Colours than competitor 1-chip DLP projectors*.

All Epson projectors list both White Brightness and Colour Brightness specifications, and all have high Colour Brightness.

*Colour brightness(colour light output) in brightest mode, measured by a third-party lab in accordance with IDMS 15.4. colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Top-selling Epson 3LCD projectors versus top-selling 1-chip DLP projectors based on NPD sales data for October 2019 through September 2020.

3LCD Technology
Laser Light Source

Experience astonishing quality and reliability with Epson’s laser light source technology. The newly designed laser light source and advanced electrostatic filter offers fit and forget reliability to keep maintenance to a minimum. Additionally, the laser light source is highly reliable, eliminating worry of the light burning out during important presentations.


Design for Commerical Fit-Out

The EB-805F is available in black in order to seamlessly blend into existing designs of retail space. The attention of shoppers will be focused on the visual experience, not distracted by the projector.

5,000 Lumens

Projector images are not just for the conference room anymore. Epson’s EB-805F can produce White Light and Colour Light Output of 5,000 lumens in Full HD* resolution, offering a bright and vivid image to enhance the space ambiance to impress your customers even during daylight.

*Pixel shifting technology achieves Full HD resolution on screen

Non-Rectangular Images

Transform any ordinary space into a stunning visual experience with the EB-805F. Image will blend without the rectangular boundary of a frame – unlike a flat panel display. This uniquely available feature of laser projection offers a great way to upgrade retail and restaurant spaces.

Project Images onto Any Object

The projection isn’t limited to architectural surfaces. You can project eye-grabbing, informative visual display on any objects to re-define the space or communicate your displayed products with animated sales messaging.

Have It Gone When Switched Off

Signage projection disappears the moment projector is turned off, unlike flat panel displays. When not used for display, the space can come available for other purposes quickly and then projection can be switched back on when required.

High Contrast Ratio

The EB-805F’s high contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1 makes it possible to project images without a boundary. Images can be projected with transparent and invisible background, allowing foreground contents of any shape to be clearly emphasized while seamlessly being integrated with the environment.

Full HD* Resolution

The EB-805F’s Full HD* resolution makes display image crisp, sharp without any distortion. Display signage will not go unnoticed with high quality resolution image. With the addition of super resolution and detail enhancement processing, images are near cinema quality.

*Pixel shifting technology achieves Full HD resolution on screen


Improve your space’s ambiance with projection décor. The EB-805F’s zero offset lens and black chassis makes it easier to hide in various application environments. It is suitable for set up in spaces such as shop windows, entrances, shopping mall walls, hotel receptions and restaurants. The EB-805F can be rotated to provide a 130-inch portrait or landscape display. From projecting timely messaging such as social distancing directions, to increasing efficiency with instant sale display abilities, to illuminating unique dining ambiances, the EB-805F can enhance the way customers interact with brands and products.

Application Scenarios


Edge Blending

Use multiple EB-805F projectors to create a wide and large display signage without expensive installation setup, such as LED walls, for stunning visual impact.

Flexible Display Options and Sizes

Maximise display size up to 130 inches (16:9 aspect). Additionally, the EB-805F can display an ultra-wide 16:6 aspect image* that is 120 inches with single projector.

Incredible HDBaseT and Diverse Connectivity

Connect with virtually any system including HDBaseT, HDMI, VGA, RCA, USB-A, RS-232 and RJ45 LAN connectivity. Cutting-edge HDBaseT technology means just one single CAT-5/6 cable carries Full HD video, audio, network and control commands up to 100 meters to accommodate large venues. No need for additional cables, signal repeaters or added labour.


Epson Creative Projection App

With Epson Creative Projection app, you can create original, dazzling content to enliven rooms, product displays, and spaces around you, anytime and anywhere. Available on iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, contents can be previewed while projecting and editing contents at the same time. With extensive preloaded templates, freely arrange and combine materials in the app any way you like. From simply uploading photos and movies from mobile device to making animated visual effects, instantly make your display contents come to life without requiring a PC.

3LCD Technology
Epson Content Management software

With Epson Content Management software, you can easily create playlists for signage contents from a PC or a laptop. The ability to set schedule and register the shape filter settings gives you advanced control such as synchronised playback.

Connectivity Panel