Epson Perfection 2400 Photo

Perfection 2400 Photo

Photo Scanners

High speed and high resolution film scanning performance for the demanding user.

  • High speed operation - with USB 2.0 High speed interface and on-board high-speed ASIC processor
  • Advanced film scanning - Integrated Transparency Unit for 35mm slides and films
  • High resolution - 2400 dpi (4800 dpi sub-scan) with revolutionary microlens and MatrixCCD
  • Total software solution - Bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements, OCR and Epson SMART Panel software
  • Energy saving - Intelligent auto power off mode

Incorporating an integrated Transparency Unit for strip film and slide scanning; a 2400 dpi MatrixCCD and advanced on-chip microlens technology for higher resolution; and an on-board high-speed ASIC hyper processor and USB 2.0 High speed interface for increased speed, the Epson Perfection 2400 Photo delivers exceptional performance for every scanning need.

High speed and high gradation - with a USB 2.0 High speed interface and high-speed Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) hyper processor, the scanning speed of the Epson PERFECTION 2400 PHOTO is outstanding. Complementing the scanner's high speed is its high gradation capabilities - 16-bits, giving every pixel amazing depth of colour.

High resolution - by virtue of advanced MatrixCCD technology, an optical carriage driven at 4800 dpi with Micro Step Drive and Epson technologies such as Dynamic Range Control, Simultaneous RGB scanning, On-Demand Pixel Optimiser and a revolutionary new microlens that achieves 30 per cent more sensitivity than non-lens type CCDs.

Processing Independence - with its own on-board Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) hyper processor, the Epson PERFECTION 2400 PHOTO processes images without relying on the vagaries of available computer processing power and RAM.

Unique TWAIN Driver - Epson's new and unique TWAIN 5 scanner driver reduces noise in shadow area and automatically removes colour cast. It also provides full support Windows ICM colour management system for colour matching between printers, monitors and scanners, as well as P.I.M. (PRINT Image Matching), for photograph and film scans with colours more vivid than those restricted to the traditional sRGB colour space.

Advanced Film Scanning - the integrated Transparency Unit provides support for the simultaneous scanning of either a six-frame stripfilm or four slide frames in a single operation. For larger film scanning - up to 4 x 5-inch - the PERFECTION 2400 PHOTO's optional Transparency Processing Unit (TPU) is a straightforward plug-in.

Creative software - featuring Photoshop Elements for photo editing, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Newsoft Presto!OCR, the critically acclaimed optical character recognition software (incorporated in the Smart Panel).

Dazzling 6-Colour Output & 25 Year * Print Life

Whether you're scanning film or print images, our 6-colour EPSON Stylus PHOTO 1290 printer will render every detail and colour nuance with absolute fidelity. It offers borderless, edge-to-edge printing on cut sheet and roll-type Epson Photo Paper, and can produce lightfast prints that retain their colour for over 25 years*. It's also capable of high-speed bidirectional printing in all print modes, and boasts up to 2880dpi output with 4 pl (picolitre) Ultra Micro Dots and Variable-Sized Droplet technology.