Epson 17" SpectroProofer 30 Upgrade Kit

Epson 17

The Epson SpectroProofer™ is an optional, high-performance, in-line spectrophotometer that can be added to selected Stylus Pro and SureColor ProGraphics printers. When driven by an appropriate RIP it enables precision proofing and addition of colour management into a commercial or flexographic production workflow. It enables Photographers and artists to be assured that their final output will be a true reflection of their intention. Designers can produce internal reference material as well as colour accurate samples for client approval. Printers can produce contract proofs, colour certification labels and material for production control.

The SpectroProofer provides an extreme level of measurement accuracy which conforms with the latest ISO and Fogra standards. It enables media calibration and output verification to ensure that artwork transitions from file to print with precise and accurate results. When used with appropriate software, the process can be configured to work automatically so that colour consistency is maintained from one print to the next.

The SpectroProofer ships as a series of kits that contain an ILS sensor unit and a mounting kit to suit specific Epson printer models. 17" models are designed to support the SP-4900, SP-4880 and SC-5070. 24" models are designed to support the SP-7890, SP-7900, SP-WT7900, SC-P6070, SC-P7070, & SC-P7560. 44" models are designed to support the SP-9890, SP-9900, SC-8070, SC-P9070, & SC-P9560.

  • The latest Spectroproofers feature an ILS 30 sensor with a selectable UV cut filter that can be adjusted via software to support different media types and calibration to suit ISO M0, M2 and M1 standards.

All models are simple and easy to install. They come with instructions and utility software to suit Mac & Windows operating systems. They are backed with a 1 Year On-Site Warranty that can be extended through purchase of an optional SpectroProofer CoverPlus Pack.