Epson Ink Cartridge Clearance Items

Epson Inks - Priced to Clear Epson Inks - Priced to Clear

The products on this page are discounted because they are either approaching their best before date or are carton damaged stock.

Please note that these inks have a short shelf life (1-6 months).
The date shown on the ink cartridges relates to a ‘Best Before’ date. The ‘Best Before’ date is the date we advise to install the cartridges into the printer. It is not a ‘Use by’ date rendering the Cartridge/Bottle obsolete if used after this date. However, as with all ink products the user may see a gradual decrease in the print quality if used significantly beyond the Best Before date.

"For the best results, always use genuine Epson ink and paper with your Epson printer."

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