Epson EMP-TW10

Epson EMP-TW10

Home Theatre Projectors

High performance, home cinema Projector.

From the world's largest manufacturer of LCD projector technology comes the latest advance in home cinema systems - the high performance Epson EMP-TW10 home cinema projector.
  • Superior image quality
  • Widescreen Resolution (W-VGA)
  • Brightness of up to 1,000 ANSI lumens for brilliant large screen entertainment
  • 2 metre image from just 2 metres away
  • Brightness and colour mode control
The Perfect View
When people talk about home cinema, it's the "big screen" that immediately comes to mind. With the Epson EMP-TW10, the big screen is what you get - up to an amazing size! If you thought plasma screen televisions had big screens, then wait to you sit down for the EMP-TW10's grand view.

With the projector's 16:9 aspect ratio, widescreen adds even more to the picture. From biggest and best of widescreen sporting broadcasts to the latest and greatest DVD releases, the EMP-TW10 let's you sit back, enjoy and really immerse yourself in the real home cinema experience.

Colour Reproduction
EPSON is world-renowned as the leader in colour. It is a reputation that has seen the company emerge as the major market force in producing LCD projector componentry; and a reputation enforced by an untold number of home cinema enthusiasts all around the world.

With the Epson EMP-TW10, beautiful, true colour reproduction was the ultimate goal of our developers. To create a projector that delivers the best colour purity, Epson incorporated the ColorReality™ Technology - a technology that was previously only available in high-end projectors. Now, rich colour expression and smooth gradation are yours for the taking.

Where many other home cinema home projectors leave you stuck on a single brightness setting, the Epson EMP-TW10 lets you switch between brightness modes (up to 1,000 lumens) so you can view your home cinema even with external ambient light. It's Epson's way of ensuring you can enjoy all your video entertainment all the time.

A Big Throw
Where big screen televisions and plasma monitors take up a considerable amount of space and are permanently fixed in terms of location and image size, the EMP-TW10, which measures only 402mm x 294mm x 122mm can sit on even a small sidetable. But from that sidetable it can deliver an incredible result. At only two metres from the projection surface, it can project a full two metre wide screen.

Home Cinema Connectivity
For the best in digital reproduction, the EMP-TW10 features RGB, S-Video, left and right audio, computer video and even RS-232C (Serial) connectivity. Regardless of your existing home cinema system, the EMP-TW10 will fit like a glove.

Designed for the home and to blend into the home, the EMP-TW10 has a stylish casing that features a control panel and is robust enough to take the rigours of the typical home environment.

In addition to the EMP-TW10's built-in and easy-to-use control panel, the projector has a card-type remote control unit that gives you full control over your home cinema set-up from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Leave it to Epson to create a projector that delivers the big screen experience without the big cost. By utilising technologies already developed for high-end projectors and capitalising on its position as the largest producer of LCD projector componentry, Epson achieves with the EMP-TW10 what the home cinema enthusiast has been waiting for - incredible and affordable performance.