Quality Refurbished Products

From time to time some units are returned to us for the following reasons :-
- Slight cosmetic damage to the unit.
- The unit was refused delivery.
- The unit is no longer a current model.
- Or the unit was "Dead on Arrival" and subsequently has been repaired and fully tested back to Epson's specifications

Quality Refurbished Product (Factory Seconds) are for end-user purchases only. Resellers are excluded.

Refurbished products are unused or have had very little use, except for checking and quality verification by Epson's own service department to ensure they perform properly. With our multifunction and single function cartridge printers a new set of ink cartridges have been installed in the unit for testing purposes, should the ink levels in a cartridge be below 75%, then an additional new cartridge will be included in the box.

Please note that for some EcoTank models the ink tanks will be shipped half full of ink, and no additional ink bottles will be shipped with these products. In these cases the Refurbished product yields will differ from advertised yields for new units.

Please note that large format printers do not ship with inks, and differ from unit to unit with regards to their condition, age, packaging, and included accessories - please refer to specific product pages for details.

Please note for selected scanners, third-party software like SilverFast and SilverFast Plus CD/DVD is included only when buying a new unit but when buying a refurbished seconds unit these third-party software or manuals are not included. Hence the refurbished unit is discounted for seconds clearance.

Due to the significant price reductions offered on Quality Refurbished Products, stock volumes move quickly and Quality Refurbished Products are only offered on a "while stocks last" basis. The standard Epson product warranty for Quality Refurbished Products is typically six (6) months from Epson's invoice date. From time to time, some refurbished models will be supplied with an additional one year (1) CoverPlus certificate, making a total of 18 months warranty. NOTE - Bonus warranty from product registration is applicable to new products only, and is not offered on factory seconds or refurbished products.

Large format printer warranty may occasionally be longer and there may be facility to extend further through optional purchase of CoverPlus (details are noted on the specific product pages). For more information on Epson's warranty click here.

Quality Refurbished Projectors purchased on or after the 1st March 2019, will have the following Return to Base Warranty:-

Business Projectors

  • Mid-range projectors and below will have a one (1) year warranty;
  • Short throw projectors and above will have a three (3) year warranty, see projector warranty for more details

Home Theatre Projectors

  • Mid-range and below will have a one (1) year warranty (e.g. EH-TW5600, EH-TW6700, EH-TW6700W & EH-TW8300);
  • High-end home theatre projectors will have a three (3) year warranty (e.g. EH-TW9300, EH-TW9300W, EH-LS100 & EH-LS10500) see projector warranty for more details

Quality Refurbished Products available on this website are only offered for sale to end users and are not offered for re-sale by resellers (with the exception of projectors). Quality Refurbished Products are not eligible for additional Epson promotional offers, cashbacks or bonus extended warranty from product registration or other promotions.

Quality Refurbished Products on this website can only be delivered within Australia. Epson has the right to limit quantities of Quality Refurbished Products sold to any purchaser.

Now supported by Epson CoverPlus service packs.
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From time to time, Epson may revise the Quality Refurbished Products Policy and suggests that you periodically review the current Privacy Policy on this Site.

Epson's normal terms and conditions of sale apply to Quality Refurbished Products orders, more information.

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