SureColor F2160 - DTG

SureColor F2160 - DTG
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10L Ink Recycling Container 10CUBE-N2 $14.95
25L Ink Recycling Container 25CUBE-N $19.95
Epson DTG Large Platen C12C933921 $619.00 Out of stock
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Epson DTG Medium Platen C12C933931 $519.00 Out of stock
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Epson DTG Small Platen C12C933941 $469.00 Out of stock
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Epson DTG Extra Small Platen C12C933951 $469.00
Epson DTG Medium Grooved Platen C12C933961 $619.00
Epson DTG Sleeve Platen C12C933971 $469.00 Out of stock
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Replacement Grip Pad Tool C12C934151 $24.95 Out of stock
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SureColor-S/F/P Cleaning Sticks C13S090013 $34.95 Out of stock
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Cleaning Wipes (Pack of 100) C13S090016 $29.95
DTG Head Cleaning Kit C13S092001 $119.00
DTG Replacement Air Filter Kit C13S092021 $29.95
Large Platen Grip Pad C13S210075 $219.00
Medium Platen Grip Pad C13S210076 $199.00
Small Platen Grip Pad C13S210077 $159.00
Replacement 2L Waste Ink Bottle C13T724000 $39.95
DTG Maintenance Kit C13T736200 $49.95
DTG Manual Tube Cleaning Kit C13T736300 $34.95
2 Yrs Epson CoverPlus- F2160 2YWF2160 $4,295.00
1 Yr Epson CoverPlus- F2160 1YWF2160 $2,295.00