Epson DTG Extra Small Platen

Epson DTG Extra Small Platen
Our price: $499.00 inc GST

Product Code: C12C933951
(Epson Global Code: C12C933951)
Suits Products: SureColor F2160 - DTG, SureColor F3000 - DTG,


Epson DTG printers are designed to accept garments of various sizes and thicknesses. To ensure convenient loading and accurate printing we provide a range of platen sizes to suit different applications. Platen sizes should be matched to the job requirement.

Garment preparation, platen loading and unloading can add significant time to the overall production process. Each DTG printer ships with a single (medium sized) platen which suits the production process of a single operator. Additional platens can be purchased to support multi-operator environments where the printing and garment loading/ unloading steps are managed separately for increased productivity.

The Epson Extra Small Platen is designed for baby sized garments and compact merchandise. It ships complete with a grey frame and supports print areas up to 178 x 203mm.