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Epson launches new tablet-based TM-Intelligent i series POS printers

October 2014

New models TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i

SYDNEY, 13 October 2014 – Epson today announced that it has launched its new, upgraded, tablet-based TM-T88V-i and TM-T70-i TM-Intelligent i series POS printers for the retail, hospitality, banking and finance industries.

The new products are an upgrade to the existing TM-Intelligent family and act as a hub for a cloud and mobile based, point-of-sale (POS) platform. This enables the issuing of receipts, tickets and coupons to customers direct from tablets and other mobile devices running popular web browsers, as well as controlling other POS peripherals including barcode scanners and cash drawers.

Epson Australia General Manager for its Business Division Craig Heckenberg said, “The unique proposition with the TM-Intelligent i series is that it has built-in intelligence and features our ePOS technology providing a web-based, driver-less and PC-less platform for direct printing from mobiles and tablets along with the ability to control multiple peripheral devices and other Epson POS printers. This provides cost effectiveness, convenience and enhanced customer interactivity at the point-of-sale.”

Epson's new TM-Intelligent i series are ideal for online ordering applications and print jobs can be initiated by way of a remote customer order or request and then routed via the cloud to the in-store printer. The printer can either print the ticket directly or route it to up to 20 other network-attached Epson TM printers in multiple locations. In addition, with the server Direct Print function the printer can call out to the server at pre-set intervals to proactively obtain new orders and requests. The new TM-i printers are easy to set-up and with four USB ports and one serial port now provide connectivity for up to five devices. 

TM-Intelligent printers are ideally suited to hospitality environments such as restaurants and bars in which tablet devices are used for taking and communicating orders and for retail stores that use mobile devices to cut down queuing and downtimes. As retailers increasingly move to mobile and cloud-based systems to take advantage of open architecture systems, these new printers help streamline processes and simplify IT management. The new printers can also control cash drawers and input/output peripherals such as customer displays and keyboards. Handheld scanners, scales, customer displays, wedge MSRs (magnetic stripe readers) and more can be quickly and easily added to these new tablet POS solutions, enhancing functionality, strengthening connection reliability, and reducing costs.

The TM-T70-i has a splash-proof housing and is designed for mounting under counters, with controls and paper loading positioned at the front, while the TM-T88V-i features greyscale printing. The built-in intelligence is the same for both models, which are available in black and white.

Epson Australia currently also has an innovative ePOS solutions developer program for developers in retail and hospitality to partner with the company in developing mobile and web-based retail applications. Developers can register at

The suggested retail prices (inc. GST) for the new TM-Intelligent i series POS printers are TM-T88V-i at $769AUD without WiFi and $869AUD with WiFi and the TM-T70-i at $719AUD without WiFi and $819AUD with WiFi.

The new TM-Intelligent i series POS printers can be purchased through Epson distributors Sektor Australia and Sektor New Zealand and Mecari in Australia.

For more information on the TM-Intelligent family of products and Epson’s ePOS technology go to:

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