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Epson improves productivity and cuts operating cost with new Discproducer model

February 2014

Sydney 19 February 2013: Epson has improved the flexibility and convenience of its reliable Discproducer disc publisher with the release of a new model, the PP-100II.

Users are able to replace the disk drives and ink maintenance tank in house, cutting down-time and improving productivity and efficiency for a wide range of businesses. The PP-100II is ideal for service bureaus, educational institutions, photographers and government, corporate and medical organisations.

Discproducer PP-100II further reduces operating costs and total cost of ownership by giving users the opportunity to swap CD/DVD drives to maintain productivity and to replace the waste ink maintenance tank to minimise downtime.

Designed and made with the backing of Epson’s world-renowned micro and macro robotics skills and sophisticated MicroPiezo™ inkjet printing technologies, Epson Discproducers provide a high-speed disc duplication and printing solution.

Epson has long been known worldwide for its advanced robotics and inkjet printing technologies and the high reliability of its products.

The Discproducer range takes Epson’s experience and skills in these technologies and merges them into a compact design with dust-proof body, outstanding print quality and robotic disc feed arm with patented AcuGrip™ technology.

AcuGrip™ ensures that only one disc is placed in the drive or printer even if two are stuck together. This not only increases the life of the product, but also helps protect against the interruption of automated production runs due to mechanical blockage.

Epson’s MicroPiezo inkjet print head, at the heart of every Epson professional inkjet printer, is the secret of the Discproducer’s unrivalled print quality, unlike the printing systems used in other disc publishers.

The MicroPiezo print head ensures accurate placement of uniform, stable ink droplets with virtually no satellites or misting, delivering the highest print quality in its class for crisp text and vibrant graphics at up to 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution.

And the individual high-capacity ink cartridges for each of the six colours make disc printing extremely cost-effective.

A low ink sensor and LED for each cartridge help prevent interruptions to print runs by warning that a cartridge replacement is needed before commencing a long job.

The Discproducer PP-100II and PP-100N are compact integrated dual drive disc publishers with 100 disc capacity that can create copies of CD/DVD content and print customised labels on each disc. Other products in the range are PP-50 (single drive, 50 disc capacity) and PP-100AP (dual drive, 100 disc capacity, print only model)

Discproducer’s easy-to-use Total Disc Maker Software includes disc editing, label editing and publishing functions. Simply select your data, design the label, configure the run, click “Publish” and Discproducer does the rest.

The Discproducer range is backed by Epson’s industry leading service and support programs, and distributed by Region4, Alloys and specialist dealer Capax Technology.

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