Epson EMP-TW500

Epson EMP-TW500

Home Theatre Projectors

For the Ultimate Cinematic Experience

The Epson EMP-TW500 gives incredible image quality and fine shadow detail. The Faroudja DCDiTM video processor and the 10-bit colour processor ensure remarkable clarity and colour reproduction. With its variable brightness, powered lens shift, zoom and focus, it is the perfect choice for home cinema.

Key Features

  • The Widescreen Experience
    Experience true widescreen viewing and superb image quality.
  • Flexibility
    With the vertical and horizontal lens shifting, there is an enormous degree of freedom in placement of the projector.
  • Quiet Operation
    Whether you're watching a DVD, sports event or playing your favourite video game, one of the last things you want is a noisy projector.
  • Technologically Advanced
    Bundled with a PC-compatible USB cable and Epson Cinema Colour Editor software.
  • Remote Control
    Included in the EMP-TW500's package is a new style remote control unit for even greater "armchair" control.
  • Color RealityII™
    Epson incorporated ColorRealityIITM Technology, which ensures rich colour expression and smooth gradation.
  • Colour Correction
    Colour correction along six separate axes.
  • 10-Bit Colour
    World leadership in the development and manufacture of projector LCD's is the 10bit-drive Dream4 LCD.