Projector Warranty

Epson Australia Express Warranty 2011 (amended for Australian Consumer Law). For warranty details specific to your projector, please click on the links below:

Projector Model Numbers

Projector Warranty Details

EB-S130, EB-S31, EB-X130, EB-X31, EB-X36, EB-W130, EB-W32, EB-U130, EB-U32, EB-S140, EB-S41, EB-X140, EB-X41, EB-W140, EB-W42, EB-U140, EB-U42, EB-E10, EB-FH06, EB-FH52, EB-W06, EB-W52, EB-X51, CO-FH02, CO-W01

EB-X11, EB-X15, EB-S12, EB-S18, EB-W18, EB-W28, EB-X24, EB-W12, EB-X14, EB-S110, EB-W110, EB-X02, EB-W02, EB-1850W, EB-1860, EB-1880, EH-TW480, EH-TW550, EH-TW570, MG-850HD, EH-TW5200, EH-TW5300, EH-TW5900, EH-TW6000#, EH-TW6000W, EH-TW6100#, EH-TW6100W#, EH-TW6600#, EH-TW6600W#, EH-TW6700#, EH-TW6700W#, EH-TW6800#, EH-TW8000#, EH-TW8100#, EH-TW8200#, EH-TW8300, EH-TW8400, EH-TW740, EH-TW5700, EH-TW5600, EH-TW7100, EH-TW6250

EB-S9, EB-W9, EB-S10, EB-X10, EB-W10, EB-1723, EB-1750, EB-1760W, EB1770W, EB-1775W, EB-1900, EB-1910, EB-1915, EB-1925W, EB-G5100, EB-G5200W, EB-G5350, EH-TW450, EH-DM3, EH-TW3200, EH-TW3600, EH-TW4000, EH-TW4500

EB-1940W, EB-1945W, EB-1950, EB-1955, EB-1960, EB-1965, EB-1751, EB-1761W, EB-1771W, EB-1776W, EB-95, EB-905, EB-925, EB-935W, EB-915W, EB-945, EB-955W, EB-965, EB-970, EB-980W, EB-990U, EB-972, EB-982W, EB-992F

EB-85H, EB-824H, EB-825H, EB-826WH, EB-420, EB-425W, EB-430, EB-435W, EB-450W, EB-450We, EB-450Wi, EB-455Wi, EB-460, EB-460e, EB-470

EB-L200F, EB-L200SW

EB-475W, EB-475Wi, EB-475We, EB-480, EB-480e, EB-485W, EB-485Wi, EB-485We, EB-520, EB-525W, EB-535W, EB-575W, EB-575We, EB-580, EB-580e, EB-585W, EB-585We, EB-575Wi, EB-585Wi, EB-595Wi, EB-675W, EB-675Wi, EB-680, EB-685W,EB-685Wi, EB-695Wi, EB-1400Wi, EB-1410Wi, EB-1420Wi, EB-1430Wi, EB-1450Ui, EB-1460Ui, EB-1985WU, EB-1980WU, EB-1975W, EB-1970W, EB-1780W, EB-1781W, EB-1785W, EB-1795F, EB-2055, EB-2155W, EB-2165W, EB-2245U, EB-2250U, EB-2265U

EB-G5450WU, EB-G5600NL, EB-G5650WNL, EB-G5750WUNL, EB-G5800, EB-G5950NL, EB-4750W, EB-4770W, EB-4950WU, EB-4955WU

EB-G6050W, EB-G6250WNL, EB-G6350NL, EB-G6550WUNL, EB-G6750WUNL, EB-G6900WUNL, EB-G6070W, EB-G6270WNL, EB-G6370NL, EB-G6570WUNL, EB-G6770WUNL, EB-G6970WUNL, EB-G7000WNL, EB-G7200WNL, EB-G7400UNL, EB-G7500UNL, EB-G7800NL, EB-G7905UNL,

EB-475Wie, EB-575Wie

EH-TW5000*, EH-TW5500*, EH-TW9000W*#, EH-TW9100*#, EH-TW9100W*#, EH-TW9200*#, EH-TW9200W*#, EH-TW9300*, EH-TW9300W*, EH-TW9400*, EH-TW9400W*, EH-LS12000B*

EB-L1000UNL**, EB-L1100UNL**, EB-L1200UNL**, EB-L1300UNL**, EB-L1405UNL**, EB-L1505UNL**, EB-L1505UHNL**, EB-L1755UNL**,EB-L25000UNL** , EB-L30000UNL**, EB-L1490NL**, EB-L1495UNL**, EB-L12000QNL**, EB-L20000UNL**, EB-L30000UNL

EB-L1060UNL**, EB-L1065UNL**, EB-L1070UNL**, EB-L1075UNL**, EB-PU1007WNL**, EB-PU1007BNL**, EB-PU1008WNL**, EB-PU1008BNL**, EB-PU2010WNL**, EB-PU2010BNL**, EB-PU2213B, EB-PU2216B, EB-PU2220B

EH-LS10000, EH-LS10500

EB-L510U, EB-L610U, EB-L615U, EB-L610W, EB-L520U, EB-L630U, EB-L630SU, EB-L635SU, EB-L730U, EB-L735U, EB-L570U, EB-L770U

EB-710Ui, EB-1470Ui, EB-1480Fi, EB-1485Fi, EB-735F, EB-735Fi, EB-725Wi, EB-770F, EB-760Wi

EB-700U, EV-100, EV-105

EB-LS200SW, EB-805F, EV-110, EV-115, EB-L260F, EB-L210SF

EH-LS100, EH-LS300B, EH-LS500B

EB-Z8000WU, EB-Z8050W

EB-Z8150, EB-Z8350W, EB-Z8355W, EB-Z8450WU, EB-Z8455WU, EB-Z10000, EB-Z10005

EB-Z11005NL, EB-Z11000WNL, EB-Z11000NL, EB-Z9900WNL, EB-Z10000UNL, EB-Z10005UNL, EB-Z9870UNL, EB-Z9750UNL

Projector Accessories and Options

*In the case of EH-TW5000, EH-TW5500, EH-TW9000W, EH-TW9100*#, EH-TW9100W*#, EH-TW9200*#, EH-TW9200W*#, EH-TW9300*, EH-TW9300W*, EH-TW9400*, EH-TW9400W* or EH-LS12000B* models, a 3 year warranty will apply to the Lamp, on condition that if Epson replaces a lamp for these models within the 3 year warranty period, then the replacement Lamp will only be warranted for the un-expired balance of the original warranty period computed from the replacement date.

**Whichever comes first.

#3D Home Cinema Glasses included in these products are covered by 12 months warranty.