Epson SureLab D3000 - Dry-film Minilab

Epson SureLab D3000 - Dry-film Minilab

The Epson® SureLab™ series is a versatile and compact range of commercial photo and photo merchandise printers. They are designed for use in retail and by businesses, in photo mini-labs and pro labs, at events, tourist destinations and entertainment venues, by professional photographers and designers. They will print photos as well as value-added material including greeting cards, invitations, awards, menus, order forms, product brochures and promotional leaflets. They employ advanced dry-film print technology which requires no special consumable handling processes, ventilation, or expensive periodic servicing. Printers run off a standard power supply and have minimal space requirements. They use cost-effective aqueous dye ink to produce output with superior colour, resolution and control. They are quick to start, can be operated with minimum training, and are easy to maintain.

The SL-D3000 is designed for high volume production with maximum precision and output flexibility. It features an Epson Micro Piezo™ head that supports resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi using 6 colours and Variable Sized Droplet Technology (VSDT) for output with an outstanding Gamut range and precise, adjustable colour density. The printer will produce prints up to 12” x 48” on Gloss, Lustre and Matte media. It operates at speeds up to 750 prints per hour, and offers a high production life backed with flexible warranty cover. It uses an advanced Epson UltraChrome™ ink set and incorporates a media output heater so prints exit dry with a quality gloss finish. Media rolls are easy to exchange and a dual-roll model is available with automatic exchange. The printer is designed for network connection4 and ships with a powerful and easy to use Windows® driver. Optional Epson Job Control software can be used to drive one or more printers complete with costing/pricing, image editing, production management and scheduling. An optional Sorter can be also be added for efficient batch processing.

  • High Productivity – up to 650 6” x 4” prints per hour in production mode
  • High Precision – Epson Micro Piezo print head with VSDT for resolutions up to 1440x1440dpi with superior half tones, precise colour & density control
  • High Quality – Epson UltraChrome D6 ink with a media output heater for prints that exit dry with high depth, vibrant colour, and a durable finish
  • High Flexibility – choice of Gloss, Lustre and Matte media from 4” to 12” wide (+ optional A41), print with and without borders in lengths from 3.5” to 48”, dual row back-print facility, optional 10-job sorter unit3
  • Cost Effective to Run – uses large 700ml Ink cartridges & 100m media rolls, requires minimal support and maintenance, reduced power consumption
  • Easy to Operate – simple to maintain with no special handling processes, integrated casters for easy movement, convenient front/side loaded consumables & spindle based media, print direct from common photo applications or use optional Epson Order Control software for production management with job costing and image editing functionality5
  • Easy to Integrate – connects to an Ethernet network via a Printer PC4, compact floor standing design, requires minimal operational space, requires no special ventilation, runs off a standard power supply, supplied with an advanced Windows driver with integrated colour control and maintenance support
  • High Reliability & Durability – solid and durable construction with a 3 million print duty cycle, backed with a warranty extendable up to 3 years6

Quality Results at High Speed

The SureLab range has been designed to provide high speed photo production with superior image quality and output control. Printers feature a solid construction with convenient roll based media supply and a fast print engine. They have been designed to provide durable operation without the cost or inconvenience of periodic specialist maintenance. All models incorporate Epson's patented heads with self-monitoring and integrated cleaning systems. The heads feature micro-fine nozzles that enable high resolution print with consistent and predictable performance. Integrated Variable-size Droplet Technology provides enhanced clarity and half-tone performance with fine control over colour and image intensity. Prints are produced with a higher resolution, reduced grain and more adjustable precision than traditional photo technologies such as silver halide.

Epson UltraChrome D6 & D6-S inks were developed specially for the SureLab range. They feature an advanced dye-based formulation with an enhanced Gamut and dMax for images with exceptional depth and brightness. Prints produced on a SureLab provide superior colour and brightness over those made with alternative technologies such as dye sublimation, with good light and ozone stability. A media output heater incorporated in all models ensures prints exit dry with a gloss finish that is resistant to damage through rubbing and moisture exposure.


Maximising Business Potential

The SureLab range has been designed to provide maximum production flexibility. They can be used to print standard photos in a wide range of sizes, with or without borders. They can also be used to print ID and passport photos. They can even be used to produce premium grade portrait prints, as well as specialist banner and panoramic artwork.

Production is not just limited to basic photo prints. SureLab printers will accept files from many common photo editing, graphic design and imaging applications. With appropriate software it is possible to produce a wide range of material including awards, invite cards, product fliers, restaurant menus, celebratory and event notices. Epson Surelab Paper has been designed to ensure premium quality results. It can be ordered in a choice of Gloss, Lustre, and Matte varieties, in a range of widths to suit different applications, including A41.


Easy Installation with Flexible Configuration

The SureLab range has been designed to simplify the installation process and reduce the costs associated with integration. Unlike competing commercial photo equipment they need minimal operational space, connect to a standard power supply, and do not require special ventilation. They generate minimal noise and can be operated in a wide range of business environments. The D3000 is designed for shared operation over an Ethernet network via a dedicated Printer PC4. Multiple D3000 printers can be combined for scalability and they can be augmented with a range of Epson Large Format printers to provide an integrated production platform covering everything from passport photos up to large canvas prints.

The D3000 is relatively compact and can be installed against a wall or in a corner. Designed as a floor standing machine, it has integrated casters for easy movement and can be desk mounted if appropriate considerations are made for weight. In a standard configuration it outputs prints to the rear with a retractable tray that holds up to 50 sheets. It can be ordered in a single or dual-roll configuration with the latter offering fast auto-exchange for automated job production with mixed media sizes and/or types. When an optional sorter is attached, output changes to the side and top depending on print size. The sorter features 10 slots that individually hold up to 50 images in sizes up to A43.

Easy Operation with Low Maintenance

SureLab printers have been designed for easy, flexible and reliable production. All models feature front loaded consumables and use roll media with convenient spindle loading. They ship with one or two spindles and additional spindles can be ordered separately for simplified media storage and exchange. The D3000 features a large re-usable paper cut waste bin and a dual ribbon back-print with selectable operation, both loaded from the left side.

SureLab printers are quick to start up and simple to shut down. They require minimum power when operating and have automatic power saving when idle. Unlike traditional commercial photo printing technologies they do not require expensive periodic servicing or use toxic chemicals that require special handling and waste disposal. Maintenance is simple and can all be done by the operator with easy-to-follow on-screen guidance. Printers require minimal training to operate and are compatible with a range of 3rd party workflow, graphic design and photo applications.

The D3000 is designed to be driven via Epson Order Control. The Epson software can be used in addition or as a replacement to 3rd party Photo Processing/kiosk applications. It includes a simple and functional interface that provides facilities for image upload, editing, pricing, production scheduling, and control. It supports multiple SureLab printers and will also drive a range of Epson Large Format printers for premium art, poster and canvas work. Adjusted files can be output to USB or disk using a standard PC drive or an optional Epson CD/DVD duplicator.

Surelab printers are designed to provide consistent and reliable performance. They are backed with a comprehensive one year warranty that covers all non-consumable components including print heads. On-site repair is provided at no additional charge for equipment located within metropolitan areas. Service cover can be extended up to a total of 3 years with addition of a CoverPlus Pack (purchasable with the printer or separately)6.

1A4 media operation on the D3000 requires an optional 210mm spindle and adapter kit.

3Operation of the sorter requires use of the optional Order Controller software

4The separate purchase of an appropriately configured Printer PC will be required

5The optional Epson Order Control Software and SureLab D3000 printer driver does not the support Macintosh operating system

6 Printers are provided with a 1 year warranty. Cover can be extended up to a maximum total of 3 years through purchase of an optional CoverPlus Pack either at the time of initial printer purchase or within 365 days. Cover on options is 90 days unless purchased together with a printer in which case cover is extended to match the printer. Service will be provided free on-site for equipment located in nominated Australian locations (outside these locations on-site service can still be provided subject to imposition of a travelling/ remote service charge). Reliable and consistent performance requires that SureLab printers be installed correctly, be operated in an appropriate environment, have user maintenance performed on a regular basis (as directed by the machine &/or in the user manual), and be used with correct Epson consumables including ink, media, ribbons, and maintenance items (see the consumables tab on this web site for details). Any failure to follow these conditions may result in CoverPlus &/or Warranty being invalidated.  Customers are recommended to additionally review the Epson Australia SureLab Warranty statement for details regarding on-site service locations, and for a full list of terms and conditions prior to purchase.