ELPSP02 External Speakers - 2 x 15W

ELPSP02 External Speakers - 2 x 15W

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Product Code: ELPSP02
(Epson Global Code: V12H467053)
Suits Products: Epson EB-450W, Epson EB-450We, Epson EB-455Wi, Epson EB-460, Epson EB-460e, Epson EB-470, Epson EB-475W, Epson EB-475We, Epson EB-475Wi, Epson EB-475Wie, Epson EB-480, Epson EB-480e, Epson EB-485W, Epson EB-485We, Epson EB-485Wi, Epson EB-575W, Epson EB-575We, Epson EB-575Wi, Epson EB-575Wie, Epson EB-580, Epson EB-580e, Epson EB-585W, Epson EB-585We, Epson EB-585Wi, Epson EB-595Wi, Epson EB-595Wie, Epson EB-675W, Epson EB-675Wi, Epson EB-680, Epson EB-685W, Epson EB-685Wi, Epson EB-695Wi, Epson EB-695Wie, Epson EB-696Ui, Epson EB-700U, Epson EB-710Ui, Epson MeetingMate EB-1400Wi, MeetingMate EB-1410Wi, MeetingMate EB-1420Wi, MeetingMate EB-1430Wi, MeetingMate EB-1450Ui, MeetingMate EB-1460Ui, MeetingMate EB-1470Ui


Engage your classroom with 30 W of powerful sound with this speaker set. Use the ELPSP02 active speakers (with built-in amplifiers) to enable all students in the room to clearly hear your lesson, enhancing the learning experience. The ELPSP02 speakers can be easily mounted on the wall and can be used with any Epson projector.