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The 7 Core Benefits of Less-Stress Printing for Healthcare

05 May,2024

When it comes to healthcare organisations, efficiency isn’t just preferable but a necessity. Every moment counts and obstacles impacting workflow operations can have serious repercussions for patient care. One often-overlooked aspect of this efficiency lies in the reliability and functionality of printers and copiers within healthcare facilities. 


This article will explore the seven benefits of low-stress printers and copiers in healthcare settings, highlighting how such technologies contribute to enhanced security, improved staff productivity and more. 

II. What is a Low-Stress Printer?

What is a low-stress printer? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a user experience devoid of any undue stress and operational bottlenecks! Staff should be able to carry out their tasks efficiently without experiencing breakdowns, lengthy heat-up times, and other technical difficulties.

When it comes to healthcare institutions, low-stress copiers and printers are crucial to maintaining workflow efficiency. They're game-changers that help administrators, IT specialists, and staff alike streamline their day-to-day operations and make workflows smoother than ever before. It's all about making life easier for everyone involved!

III. Benefits of Low-Stress Printers and Copiers in Healthcare

Low-stress Printers and Copiers

At some point, the technology that’s supposed to support staff on their day-to-day operations will become a burden to the efficient operation of an organisation if it requires more attention than it should. 

Printers and copiers play a critical role in supporting staff and optimising workflow. However, what should be tools for streamlining tasks can sometimes become sources of stress and frustration. Whether it's outdated hardware, unreliable network connections, or challenges in transitioning to modern solutions like cloud-based systems, healthcare organisations often grapple with various technological hurdles that result in less time for patient care.

A Technology Shift

The evolution of printing technology has led to a shift from laser printers to inkjet printers.  HLaser printers typically have more consumables and require periodic replacement of things like drums, transfer belts and fusers. Thanks to Epson Heat-Free Technology, Epson inkjet printers use far fewer parts that need replacing. The heat-Free structure of Epson inkjet printers means there are fewer parts that can experience technical difficulties, ultimately reducing the amount of intervention required. 

First stop: Security 

In a time where hacking, data breaches and compromised integrity is rife, any new technology must include the peace-of-mind of a secure platform. 

Despite being less of a target than typical entry points into a network, printers, and copiers are still required to have the right barriers of entry in place. Third-part verification and validation of a device’s security credentials is paramount, especially from an accredited or well-respected industry authority. 

Keypoint Intelligence is a global data and market intelligence for the digital imaging industry.  A security validation device penetration report serves as an in-depth examination of the security measures implemented in printers and copiers and Epson devices pass with flying colours1. This grants peace-of-mind to staff handling sensitive medical information.  

Device Compatibility: Is it really Plug ‘n’ Play?

The ability to print from any device—PC, tablet, or smartphone—is no longer a luxury but a necessity for today's interconnected workflows. Low-stress printers and copiers address device compatibility issues, freeing users from being tied to a single device or location. They have the flexibility to print from whichever device is most convenient now.


Innovative Apple® AirPrint™ makes it simple for staff to print emails, photos, web pages and documents straight from their iPad or iPhone. There's no software to download, no drivers to install and no cables to connect. The Apple device will automatically connect to the printer. 

This not only enhances printing capabilities but also streamlines manual processes, saving valuable time and resources. With low-stress printers and copiers, the future of printing is simpler and more efficient than ever!

Time is Actually Money 

Healthcare workers are often over-worked with working long hours along with multiple shifts. In this circumstance, time really is money. Business inkjet technology means staff don’t have to wait for the page to print thanks to the zero warm up time. 

You can also store often-used documents on the device’s hard drive, meaning there’s no need to even login! Authenticate at the device, choose the file you need to print and how to you need to print it, press go. You’ll be able to fit in a coffee in between rounds. 

At San Donato Hospital Group, Epson technology has been particularly relevant. When faced with challenges of power supply affecting IT equipment and the need for a clean-hands, clean-air print technology in clinical settings, Epson business inkjet became the ultimate solution. 

The hospital group installed a variety of Epson inkjet devices throughout its facilities, resulting not only in energy and cost savings but improved productivity and efficiency in the hospital's operations. 

Cost Savings Extends Beyond the Dollars Spent

Printers and copiers that are redesigned for efficiency result in enhanced productivity and more time in the day. Using fewer moving parts result in more uptime and less frustration. Printers and copiers that use high-yield consumables result in fewer disruptions finding, ordering, and replacing toner cartridges. 

Printers and copiers that do not use heat in the printing process result in less than a ¼ of the energy* being consumed compared to traditional copiers, as well as significantly lower CO2 emissions. These devices are perfect for healthcare facilities wanting to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint. If you want to learn about your current printer’s energy and CO2 consumption, our energy calculator can help you. Click here to find out!

Lower Stress for Staff, Admin, IT Managers and Environment.

Epson inkjet printers and copiers are known for their rapid print times, excellent print quality, and practical wireless networking features—the perfect low-stress option for staff, IT managers and the environment!


Healthcare workers are already under enough pressure as it is, lifting the burden of lengthy warm-up times and printing bottlenecks serve to give an overall better experience. Printing medical documents such as prescriptions, referrals, reports, test results can be done at the drop of a hat!


Low-stress printers and copiers aren’t just conveniences but essential tools for optimising workflow, ensuring the security of sensitive information and reducing environmental impact. Epson technology helps healthcare organisations prioritise reliability, security and efficiency, empowering staff to focus on providing exceptional care to patients. . 

Click here to learn more about how Epson’s WorkForce inkjet printers can assist your healthcare facility in creating a more productive and low-stress work environment. 


  1. Comparing Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000/C5000/C6000 maximum energy usage whilst printing of 110 watts with the average maximum energy usage of 1,235 watts of 27 competitive laser devices (35 to 45ppm A3 colour MFD segment in Australia) as at March 2023 according to data from Keypoint Intelligence. 
  2. The Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM/LM Series Firmware has successfully satisfied the requirements to earn the Keypoint Intelligence (KPI) Security Validation Seal for Device Penetration for Keypoint Intelligence.

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